Friday 31 August 2012

Shopping and Cowboys. Way to go!

1st August.

Forgot to mention on the way back from the Dinosaurs and mabodofu, I dropped by Yodobashi camera and made the purchase to replace my humble camera.  Sure, I only mentioned the failings of my camera yesterday but I have been aware of these issues before, so I have been looking into new cameras and decided upon one.  So today’s adventures are full of photos with my new camera.  Huzzah!  It has a heap of different photo shooting filters, one of which I am very happy about and a slow motion video option!  Niiiice.  More on my new camera later.

Um, so today was my day to myself until the afternoon, so I headed out to check out Toys R Us as I usually do, hopefully to make me think that Toys R Us is actually a decent toy store somewhere.  I also ventured out to a family restaurant that was ALWAYS packed whenever we walked by.  A good sign of decent food surely?

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Iron Chef, Dinosaurs and old friends showing their age.

31 July.

Quite a bit to do today.  Once I managed to get motivated we headed off to Landmark Tower in Yokohama for a Dinosaur exhibition.  We started out kind of late and so by the time we got to Yokohama it was time for lunch. 

Saturday 25 August 2012

Modifying Mikey's Nanchaku

Here is a video tutorial on how I modded 2012 TMNT Mike's weapons, losing the craptacular plastic chain and adding a real one.  It looks very cool and wasn't hard.  I guess this would work for other nanchuku weapons as well, 2011 Thundercats Panthro has a plastic chain for his as well I noticed.

Some pictures of the end results.  First the end result and what they looked like originally.

Friday 17 August 2012

No Alcohol Beer? What a crazy place…

24 July
So Japan has many, many wonders.  One of them that I noticed but didn’t have time to take advantage of last time was 0.00% alcohol beer.  I think it made it’s debut when I was last in Japan (2009) and I must admit I was most curious to give it a try.  For some reason or another, I never got around to it, however on this trip I have made the effort to give it a go.

And here is my attempt at a beer review…

Saturday 11 August 2012

Random walks to nowhere and The Birds!!

30 July.

Can’t remember what exactly happened on this day.  I think I was off to visit the local Book Off store in my desperate search for Sega Saturn Software.  I went to it, found nothing, decided I would go for a stroll.  Which ended up being a HECK of a lot longer than I initially envisioned.  But that’s fine, it was muggy inside the house and if you could find a bit of shade, was actually quite pleasant.  Which I managed to find.  As well as a ‘Royal Milk tea’ drink that I have to have.  It’s disgusting, much like can-coffee, but I always want some when I arrive in Japan and actually look forward to whingeing about how bad it tastes.

Boozing and Power Rangers??????

28th-29th July.

So here we were catching up with some family and off to a Yakitori place, it involved booze, laughs and food  what more could you want? 

Oh, expensive dessert places and local matsuris?  Yeh we covered that as well.

Another Lazy day and sunsets.

26th July


Well, really that should be sunset, as there can only be one per day, unless you do some tricky flying or time travel shenanigans.  Buuuut Whatever.  The end result is I had some damn amazing sushi and spied a rather nice Japanese sunset, which ended with me running around the suburb looking for a good vantage point.  I think I found one eventually.


Thursday 9 August 2012

Ben 10 in a glowing form!

Ben 10 Glow

As  my usual hunt for cool glowing figures progresses, I found via a random internet search that there is a version of a Ben 10 toy that glows.  Sadly not entirely and I was a little disappointed to see it when I discovered it in the shops.  Annoyingly it was in a two pack with a dvd as well.  But unperturbed, I proceeded on and now have a little Ben 10, X-ray version.


Wednesday 1 August 2012

Marvel Megablocks Thor, Loki, Capt. America!


After having some fun with Cyclops and his Brother Havok from series two of these cool little toys, a good tip off that more were showing their faces in local supermarkets put me on the trail again.  With appropriate information at hand, I ventured off and scored myself a lovely trio of Captain America, Thor and Loki.  Wolverine STILL evades my grasp.  At least I have Cap though.