Saturday, 11 August 2012

Random walks to nowhere and The Birds!!

30 July.

Can’t remember what exactly happened on this day.  I think I was off to visit the local Book Off store in my desperate search for Sega Saturn Software.  I went to it, found nothing, decided I would go for a stroll.  Which ended up being a HECK of a lot longer than I initially envisioned.  But that’s fine, it was muggy inside the house and if you could find a bit of shade, was actually quite pleasant.  Which I managed to find.  As well as a ‘Royal Milk tea’ drink that I have to have.  It’s disgusting, much like can-coffee, but I always want some when I arrive in Japan and actually look forward to whingeing about how bad it tastes.

First up my walking pictures.  Unfortunately the street I chose to walk down was incredibly boring.  And long.    However on they way I did manage to find some things rather interesting.

Spider webs, which lie flat on the bush!  WOW!  Crazy!  The plants around here were full of these things, it was quite an amazing sight for me.

I ended my walk at the tops of this hill and had to assess whether or not it was worthwhile walking all the way down the road to the possible shops.  I decided I’d rather go home as I had walked for a while and it would take the same time it took me to get here to get back again.


Once home, I met with the better half and we trundled off the local chemist and 100 yen shop, which I love.  It was about dusk as we emerged from the 100yen shop and we were greeted with this somewhat creepy sight!

Yup, birds.  hundreds, quite possibly thousands flying around and they all landed on the power lines, all the way up and down the street.  It was bizarre!


I wasn’t the only person surprised by this either as others had gotten their cameras out too.  Check out how creepy it is!!


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