Thursday 9 August 2012

Ben 10 in a glowing form!

Ben 10 Glow

As  my usual hunt for cool glowing figures progresses, I found via a random internet search that there is a version of a Ben 10 toy that glows.  Sadly not entirely and I was a little disappointed to see it when I discovered it in the shops.  Annoyingly it was in a two pack with a dvd as well.  But unperturbed, I proceeded on and now have a little Ben 10, X-ray version.



Ben 10 GlowBen 10 Glow


Standard blister card.  This must be a special set as he comes with a DVD with episode featuring diamond head I think.  I haven't watched it just yet, but will get to it eventually.  What I find mildly amusing is that the DVD isn’t kept behind the big round thing that is the largest thing you see.  No, that is just a cardboard cut out.  The proper DVD is behind the figures..


Ben 10 GlowBen 10 Glow


There were various sets available.  The others had things like Ben as a kid in some silly looking suit with a cape and some other stuff.  This Ben figure is supposed the one that happens as he changes forms.  Some of the episodes I have seen do a quick x-ray style cut showing him changing shape.


Ben 10 GlowBen 10 Glow

Firstly a look at Diamondhead.

It’s bulky and incredibly basic.  Very limited articulation, but it feels solid which as their target audience will be parents of little kids, I guess they needed to do that.  I think this toy could take a fair bit of abuse, so good work there.  It’s just not much fun to play with for the likes of me…  It comes with shoulder swivels (up/down), knees to 90 degrees and hips to almost 90 degrees.  One thing that annoys me is I think that feet are angled back a little bit, so to get him to stand on his own, it feels like you have to lean the body forwards a bit.


Ben 10 GlowBen 10 Glow


Sculpting isn’t bad.  I assume from his name and angular look, as well as spikes that he is as hard as diamonds and can grow spikes when required.  Which explains his accessory.  A kind of weird, rather poor looking club doo-dad.  It just sits in his hand via the handle and looks very bleh.


Ben 10 GlowBen 10 Glow


However the good news with this is that I didn’t really get the set for Mr Diamond head.  I wanted my glowing Ben.


Ben 10 GlowBen 10 Glow

X-Ray Ben 10.

A simple figure.  A combination of hinges and swivels for all joints depending on need. Which consist of shoulders, elbows, knees and neck.  It looks like they have used the little figure of Ben that is designed for driving the BenMobile.  The hands are angled at the exact spot to look like they are holding a steering wheel.  Interesting idea really, saves them having to make an entirely new figure for this guy.


Ben10 (15)Ben 10 Glow


Now if you haven’t guessed yet, this is a simple recolour using translucent black plastic and green paint.  The paint is what glows and only covers the front of the toy, initially I was a little annoyed at the see through black plastic.  Buuut in one random happenstance one night I discovered the genius behind the idea.


Ben 10 GlowBen 10 Glow


The clever thing about this toy, which I was really really surprised with explains why he only has paint on one side.  With a bit of back lighting, you can actually see through his body and the ‘skeleton’ on the other side.


Ben 10 GlowBen 10 GlowBen 10 Glow


A very interesting little feature indeed I have to say!


He has a little bit of paint on him mainly just to high light certain areas.  There is sculpting on him, you can see the omnitrix on his wrist, his jacket and some facial details, but they are hard to see due to the colouring of the plastic.


Ben 10 GlowBen 10 Glow



Now for the good part, let’s give the guy a little charge and see how this baby gloooows!


Ben 10 GlowBen 10 Glow


It actually looks pretty good although he could really do with something on his thighs as there is just this big gap for no apparent reason. It is no way near a complete skeleton either, so I wouldn’t recommend using it to study human anatomy!  It does look pretty good though and I can say that I am pretty happy with it although I could easily live without the Diamondhead thing.

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