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Marvel Megablocks Thor, Loki, Capt. America!


After having some fun with Cyclops and his Brother Havok from series two of these cool little toys, a good tip off that more were showing their faces in local supermarkets put me on the trail again.  With appropriate information at hand, I ventured off and scored myself a lovely trio of Captain America, Thor and Loki.  Wolverine STILL evades my grasp.  At least I have Cap though.



Marvel Megablokc (1)


Once again they are blind packed.  Well they are supposed to be, but luckily there are little codes stamped onto the packages that can be used to find out who is inside, allowing me to avoid horrible little creatures such as the ‘Sentry Drone’ from this series.   They all come with a little megablock for plugging into their feet.  Coloured to match them in some way or another.


First off, let’s have a look at the Norse God of Thunder.


Marvel Megablokc (34)Marvel Megablokc (35)Marvel Megablokc (33)

He comes with a cape and his hammer Mjollinor, I think that’s how it’s spelt, his body sculpt has him armoured and helmeted with a winged helmet.  I really dig his cute little beard and how the hair at the back sticks out from underneath his helmet.  The hammer can be held a couple of ways and the cape can be taken off.


Marvel Megablokc (31)Marvel Megablokc (32)Marvel Megablokc (5)

The eyes are painted on and the face is fairly well designed although the eyes on mine look off in different directions.  I really like the amount of detail on his armour, the arms and legs are all textured and the chest is incredibly well detailed too.  Even the hammer has more detail than I would have expected.


Marvel Megablokc (3)Marvel Megablokc (4)Marvel Megablokc (6)Marvel Megablokc (36)


Overall I really like Thor, it looks really good and there is no mistaking who is is supposed to be. Impressive.  Now let’s move on to Thor’s adopted (abducted perhaps?) Brother, Loki.


Marvel Megablokc (25)Marvel Megablokc (27)Marvel Megablokc (28)


Loki and Thor use the same parts for the legs, arms and capes.  Loki of course has his horned helmet, a new torso and waist and a big pointy stick.  The gold plastic works very well but the horns are noticeably translucent when held up to the light.  Whether this was their intention or not I don’t know, but I like the effect, after all with horns that big on your helmet they’d be heavy, unless they were magic horns…


The helmet is sculpted well and so is his stick.  I actually found Loki a lot of fun to play with!


Marvel Megablokc (29)Marvel Megablokc (30)Marvel Megablokc (26)


Since his cape is the same as Thor’s and plugs in via a peg, which can be held in the hands, behold Loki impersonation of Icarus. 

Marvel Megablokc (11)

Marvel Megablokc (10)Marvel Megablokc (9)


Or Batman…


Oh and I see the Final Figure about to caught unawares by Loki…


Or is he?


Marvel Megablokc (12)Marvel Megablokc (19)Marvel Megablokc (20)

Why it’s Captain America.


He is much the same as Cyclops before.  Or should I say Cyclops is the same as Cap?  Well the accessory is the same, two handles on the shield so you can quite convincingly have Cap hold it in a number of ways.  The body is completely different to Cyclops though and very well done!


The torso has details for his braces, and some other leather ones over the shoulders, sculpted star and a utility belt.  On the thighs, it looks like he has some armour plating in there.  A wise move indeed.  I was quite surprised at the level of detail that Captain USA is sporting here!

Marvel Megablokc (16)Marvel Megablokc (17)Marvel Megablokc (18)


He even has the scale style shoulders!!  Amazing!


His face is done well and while not having the wings sticking off the sides of his head (my preferred way) he has them painted on the side of his helmet.  His “A” is smack bang on his forehead and eyes look cool, nice and blue.  Hmm, Amazing how Arian Steve Rogers has become hey?


Marvel Megablokc (14)Marvel Megablokc (15) Marvel Megablokc (13)


The shield is Cap’s one and only accessory.  Of course it’s all he needs and it’s very clever so you can pull off your typical Cap poses.  The design is painted on crisply with no smudging.


Marvel Megablokc (21)Marvel Megablokc (22)Marvel Megablokc (23)Marvel Megablokc (24)


Amazingly versatile in it’s simplicity!  And you can still plug it into his back as well.  AWESOME!


You may have noticed Lugnut hanging about in the background there.  Hee hee hee.  These guys are a great size for interacting!  Plus their hands seem to fit the little clip bars that have become fairly popular with Transformers and mountable weapons lately.


Marvel Megablokc (49)Marvel Megablokc (50)Marvel Megablokc (51)



oh No, has what has Loki done this time??  (man, Loki is such a great bad guy!).


Marvel Megablokc (37)Marvel Megablokc (38)


Marvel Megablokc (40)Marvel Megablokc (39)


Whoa! Cap took Loki out!  GO CAP!


Marvel Megablokc (48)


None shall command Lugnut, save the GLORIOUS and MIGHTY MEGATRON!


You shall pay for distracting Lugnut from Megatron’s perfect plan!


Marvel Megablokc (41)Marvel Megablokc (42)Marvel Megablokc (43)


Megatron will enjoy you as his new play thing WORM.


Marvel Megablokc (54)


Marvel Megablokc (53)Marvel Megablokc (52)



Before this all happened…


Marvel Megablokc (45)Marvel Megablokc (46)


Oh dear, this isn’t going to end well…


And it didn’t!




New Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D                                         ?


Marvel Megablokc (47)


Man these little guys are soo cool!  I don’t think they have been extended past Series 3 (which Havok and Cyclops were from) but I certainly hope we see some more.  So far all the ones I have gotten have proven to be GREAT fun.  They are a good size for fitting in your pocket and articulated enough to be significantly more enjoyable than LEGO men. Even though I like all three, I love Captain America just that little bit more than the rest, but I am immediately biased towards him in the first place, if I could only have picked one, I would have chosen Cap right away. 


I recommend these guys completely.  Get them and love them, just try and avoid some of the other fill in characters.  And maybe Spiderman, I’m not too sure of they have enough articulation to make a good Spidey.  Having just said that though, they probably have more than most of the “Amazing Spiderman” movie toys that are out  right now.


  1. That is one Great Review of those figures!! I think i Have Iron Man and Whiplash left from that series to get and you can build a mini army of assault drones too!!

    1. Thanks! ooh, the mini army isn't a bad idea really. Man I hope there are more of these later on!


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