Wednesday 25 July 2012

Flowers and shopping.

25th July


A bit of a lazy day after the travel of the previous ones.  So not much to report here.  I amused myself by taking some shots of the flowers blooming rather nicely in the garden and we went to Yodobashi camera for a bit of omiyage (or maybe not ) shopping.



First off, the flower.



And now for the good part.


Yodobashi Camera has more than just cameras.  Although while i was there, I did start the search for a new one.  It has a pretty good toy section too, and as I was to find out later, better than Toys R Us.  Sad but true.  Here are some shots of the Transformers section. 



A fairly good selection.  Interesting to see Japan is still stuck with a lot of Movie stuff at the moment as well.  Obviously they didn’t get to the level of price cutting Australia went to.  Although they did have a MUCH better range than Australia had.  A lot less repaints by the looks of things.  No “Stupid Arse Attack Bumblebee” colours on these shelves.  Lookit them lovely Prime boxes.  They hide the tiny size of the toy soooooo well.  At least the price was lower than the movie deluxes, I’ll give them that! (1800 for a Prime, 2200 for a movie for those playing at home.)


More shelf shots.  I almost bought that Human Alliance Leadfoot for his dog alone.  But the price made me flinch a bit.  Yeesh!  (IIRC, ‘twas about 4500 yen).



Although the Bayblades took up part of the display, it does show off the nice wallpaper they have.  Plus how relatively small the Transformers Franchise is in Japan when compared to other lines.


And of course I had to buy something.



Yup, It’s Kirby’s 20th Anniversary pack (review on it’s way soon) to sit next to my Mario 25th pack, War Breakdown and Terrocon Cliffjumper.  I am a bit of a sucker for a nice translucent plastic Transformer.  Plus, he has a different head.


And that was about it.  Lazy day, but I am on holiday after all…

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