Saturday 14 July 2012

Amazing Cupcake work!

Once again I find myself impressed by a friend’s handiwork with the medium of cupcakes.  This is a different friend from the Cookie Monster Cup cakes I was on about before.  I do believe that these are mighty impressive.


They were made for a cinema theme and she whipped up 200 or so for it.  Rather annoyingly, despite being on site at the time and after she made it known that at least one be kept for me, it did not eventuate so I am unable to describe the taste…  Anyway enough preamble, on with the photos.







Wow! Lookit That!  Real popcorn on those popcorn ones, copious amounts of icing on thenormal cupcake one, a meringue with a bit cut out for the flake piece on the icecream on and  Real Fairy floss (cotton candy depending on your origins) on the fairy floss ones. 


Pretty impressive looking hey?  Considering how she isn’t even a caterer or anything. Maybe a new line of work should be there for her.  All that study as an architect as well…

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