Wednesday 29 July 2015

Wednesday 8 July 2015

TAV15 Lockdown

TAVLockdown (15)
Oh TAV. your craziness makes me happy.  After the surprising joy of TAV Swoop, I am pleased to announce the fact that I have my grubby mitts on TAV Lockdown.  Lockdown was the main figure that made me buy TAV Swoop, so I guess I am kind of working backwards from this.  But Anyway…

TAV Lockdown (hereby referred to as Lockdown or LD), was one that really took my eye.  I think I have made it known that I like the Animated toy line and this version, he has a really nice paint job for robot mode.  I really am a sucker for an insignia used in clever ways, like Dion and Dropkick.

Sadly though, this goes against the wishes of Derrick J Wyatt, who has stated he was unhappy with the paint job because of SPOILER reasons.  Can that be a spoiler?  Can there really be spoilers on a dead line now? Moving on.

Despite the objections, I think the paint job looks rather nice.  He is packaged in robot mode and now that I think about it, this is the 6th version of this toy that I own.  It’s quite nice (obviously) and rather clever.  Remember folks, that this guy is still a deluxe figure and yet he stand in robot mode as tall as other voyagers!