Friday 30 July 2010

Botcon 2010 Breakdown review

Breakdown was another toy made for the G2 Redux edition of Botcon for 2010.  Interestingly enough, he was initially released as the first Botcon exclusive toy in 1994, as a re-colour of the original toy from G1.  How does this version stack up?  Pretty well is the answer to that question.

Thursday 29 July 2010

Of Human Behaviour and... Buffets

I had an interesting lunch, which allowed me to observe many things in the wonderful realm of human behaviour....

Saturday 24 July 2010

Botcon 2010 Sky-Byte review

The theme for Botcon 2010 was a Generation 2 Redux.  Most of the toys were G2 inspired, but for some reason, we seem to have gotten a version of Sky-Byte from the RID series.  He is just a re-colour of an Energon series figure, and yet it works well and looks good.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Surprising food discovery

The Dragon's Palace in the International Food Hall on Russell St. Morley whips out some good food.  The atmosphere of the food hall is great with a strong family focus. People always seem to be there and it all came together to provide us with a nice meal.  Portion size was generous for our $9.80

A Fantastic lunch in the sun!

Well it was a beautiful day and the joys of the sun were in me.  So after procuring some yummy lunch in the shape of a Jesters pie, we decided to have a sit outside and enjoy the day! Look at that sky!

Takara Tomy Animated Elita Guard Prowl!!

Hooley dooley!  I check my email and find out about this! Animated Transformers would be my second favourite series, and although this is just a repaint, it is very nice indeed.  Kind of harks back to the original G1 Prowl's colours and quite a bit like the concept drawings for the character in the design stage.  He comes with his shuriken as well as his traffic light on a string, probably one of the oddest accessories ever!

Rocket Knight - Review of PS3 Game

Rocket Knights the original Megadrive version was 52 shades of awesome and a joy to play an behold. They then followed that with the joyous and sometimes hard Sparkster. Konami have managed to produce a new version for the Ps3/Xbox which is downloaded from the respective shops only.  Is it a fitting sequel to the series?  Not really.  Is it a pretty cool sidescrolling platformer? Yes

Tuesday 20 July 2010

War for Cybertron Bumblebee review

War for Cybertron Bumblebee will be my first review on da blog. Cool hey?   This Bumblebee is designed on his pre-Earth mode, from the game of the name War for Cybertron.  Its set on Cybertron before the Transformers left for Earth and explains the reasons for their departure.  Its a cool game with some nicely designed characters.

Al Pacino and his blasted coffee ads

I always had the utmost respect for Al Pacino.  In all the movies that I have seen with him, he has been fabulous. 

Lately though there has been a serious of coffee ads from Vittoria featuring the aforementioned actor of high quality.  Sadly I don't think the same can be said for the ads.

There is just one of a series of many.  I realise it is completely his right to be able to use his skills as he sees fit, but this ad just seems too ridiculous.  With him going on as if he is some sort of coffee addict and then the tap on the table next to the cup and the line 'This is good coffee.'  BAH! 

The way they try and make it look like an interview.  As if anyone follows people around chatting about coffee all day long.  Man it is a really stupid ad and irritates me no end.

Sunday 18 July 2010

A wonderful cheesey cauliflower dish!

Time for a post! The other night I needed some nice food to go with my risotto that I made and slapped together a cauliflower cheese dish.  Chucked a bit of ham into the white sauce and bunged it in the oven and I was pleased with the result and felt the need to share.

BAM! Whaddya  think of that then hey?  Pretty sweet.  All it was; White sauce with grated cheese, a bit of sliced ham, cauliflower of course.  On the top layer I put some Panko bread crumbs, some more grated cheese and parsley for colour.  In the oven until sexy and then yum yum! 

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Wheee and Away I go!

This is my blog. From here I will blabble on about stuff randomly to bore and sometimes amaze. Whichever it will be, I care not. I set this blog up for reviews of toys and stuff, as I only really get to 'play' with them when I am photographing them, but I never do anything with said photos once taken.

So here I am now. About to inflict my views unto the world at large.

Stay tuned as I am just getting warmed up. Or not. I won't be insulted.

Cheerio for now.