Tuesday 20 July 2010

Al Pacino and his blasted coffee ads

I always had the utmost respect for Al Pacino.  In all the movies that I have seen with him, he has been fabulous. 

Lately though there has been a serious of coffee ads from Vittoria featuring the aforementioned actor of high quality.  Sadly I don't think the same can be said for the ads.

There is just one of a series of many.  I realise it is completely his right to be able to use his skills as he sees fit, but this ad just seems too ridiculous.  With him going on as if he is some sort of coffee addict and then the tap on the table next to the cup and the line 'This is good coffee.'  BAH! 

The way they try and make it look like an interview.  As if anyone follows people around chatting about coffee all day long.  Man it is a really stupid ad and irritates me no end.

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