Friday 30 July 2010

Botcon 2010 Breakdown review

Breakdown was another toy made for the G2 Redux edition of Botcon for 2010.  Interestingly enough, he was initially released as the first Botcon exclusive toy in 1994, as a re-colour of the original toy from G1.  How does this version stack up?  Pretty well is the answer to that question.

When I first saw the pictures of this guy on the net, I thought I would barf from the clash of the colours. Aqua, pink and black. G2 was known well for bright, horrible and clash as well as large amount of cheesey colours as well. Hmmm. But as time went on, the colours grew on me somewhat, and then I fell in love with the block head that many of the Scramble City combiners were saddled with so they can be bunged into the leader almost anywhere.

As a result this helped justify my purchase of the set as I already have about 3 or so of this mould for various characters and he has become one of my favoured characters (after Sky-byte of course) of this set. He is just a re-colour of the Classics Sunstreaker mould with a new head.

The colours work well and since the mould is designed for two different chars (it was initially made as Sunstreaker and then used again for Sideswipe with a different configuration and then again for Red Alert and once more for Punch) it has a lot of articulation. On the configuration side if things, there is a bit of an embarrassing mess up. The config for Breakdown should be the same as Sideswipe, with the bonnet of the car as his chest as drawn in the comic book and box, yet the instructions use the Sunstreaker config, with the roof of the car. D'oh!

Still embarrassing gaffes aside, as I know how to transform him, it is quite a good figure.  The extra config options give him very flexible arms, waist articulation and goo movement in the legs.  His head is attached via a ball joint and it doesn't look too small.  The bit I really like is the HUUUUGE G2 Decepticon logo on his chest and car bonnet which probably affects his abilities as a robot in disguise... as does having his name written on the car doors... But still, it looks pretty cool.  The head is well painted with black lines and a blue face and even has some nice red shades to keep the harsh light of the sun from damaging his pretty eyes I guess.

It comes with the air intakes of Sunstreaker, which can be seen in the once or twice he uses car mode in the comics, but they aren't seen when he is in robot mode.  Small aside, they must go where Optimus' trailer goes.  His gun is the same pink as his arms and head and it all blends well.  Oddly the two colours work well together and managed to make him quite interesting to look at .

Vehicle mode is nice and sleek with a nice 'dripping paint motif on the roof, which isn't obscured by the intakes.  Not entirely sure what the point of that is, but it looks nice.  Again, the nice big insignia and name on the side, although not good for hiding is pretty cool.  I particularly like the license plate number, consisting of BCFW94 which I think stands for BotCon Florida Wisconsin 1994, where g2 Breakdown first appeared.  Best of all, the vehicle mode is appropriate for the character, since Sunstreaker and Sideswipe were both Lamborghinis as was Breakdown, and this mould is an update of that motif, without the need for royalties...

His bio is also amusing as it has him wanting to kill Streetwise the last of the Protectobots who were the ones responsible for destroying Menosaur.  Only thing is though Breakdown is very paranoid, so I am not sure he would really want Motormaster back, considering how he was a bully to the Stunticons.  But since I don't have a psyche degree, I wouldn't be able to say for sure...  Another amusing part was that Breakdown thought the only reason Galvatron hadn't killed him himself was that he could never remember who Breakdown was.  Funny, even though it is probably just a rip off of that Simpsons episode where Mr Burnes can never remember who Homer was.  From what I know of fun pub, the Simpsons reference is probably the one I am sad to say.

Overall a very cool toy that despite the initial eye hurting colours ends up working really well together and the whole toy is a very well done homage to him of the olden days.  I likey a lot and definitely my second fave of the box.  Overall this years box set has been a surprise, as I wasn't expecting to like them this much as I have little knowledge of the G2 toy line.

Breakdown in Revenge of The Fallen, G1 and Botcon G2 forms.


  1. Good review man. You take great pics.

  2. Thanks. I appreciate the comment very much. I try to get the best lighting and angles possible for my photos to make them clear and interesting. Thanks again!! :D


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