Thursday 5 August 2010

Subway and their Sandwich 'Artists'

I always laughed at how Subway would advertise for staff and call them 'Sandwich Artists.'  Sure, they can call it whatever they want, I mean, Baristas who make your coffee seem to think they are the bees knees sometimes.  I can make a nice sandwich and think I have a bit of skill with it, not quite the levels of Arthur Dent, but they are pretty good.  Could I work at Subway?

I don't think I could.  I don't seem to be able to understand some of the more abstract methods of sandwich making.  My sandwiches have a tendency to be neat, yummy and nice to look at.  From my recent visits to Subway and through their canvas (the subway footlong/6 inch) I can see that perhaps a new theme of sandwich art has come to the fore.

I like a bit of abstract art, surrealism and most definitely I am drawn to impressionism.  Not in my sandwiches though which judging from the ones I have gotten from my local sub shop seems to be the in thing.

I do apologise for the photo, it was a phone photo..
That doesn't quite look like a sandwich to me, more like a salad that has been put between some bread. All I did was unwrap it from the wrapper and this is how it flopped onto the plate.  Not quite what I would expect ad artists trained in the medium of sandwiches to do either.  Disappointed subway,  disappointed...

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