Thursday 19 August 2010

Subway, Again. Sigh. Shame, shame, shame

Again, I went to Subway as part of my Thursday night ritual.  Same place as last time, hoping that the bad sandwiches from before was an unlucky one off.  Well....

Sadly I was wrong.

Subway Morley, WA, on the corner of Russell St and Walter Rd. Your sandwiches have a tendency to be rubbish.

Going for a meatball footlong, it was 'toasted' and I saw it going into the toaster, but when I got it home, little did I realise that toasted in Subway language means warmed to a tepid temperature.  No colour attached to the bread.  No evidence of toasting...

Meatballs. Simple enough. No, apparently not.  There weren't enough meatballs but that didn't stop the girl from giving me a footlong that was only three quarters full of balls.... Hmmmm.

Cheese, check, cucumber as I requested, check.  Hang on, its all up one end....   Lettuce, check. Nothing wrong on the lettuce front. Phew.  Finally, olives.  Unevenly scattered in particular spots only.  The tomato sauce and pepper were put on ok. Thank goodness.

In the end, I ended with another ugly looking sandwich that was disappointing.   Thankyou lame-arse subway.

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Another crappy Sub

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