Friday 28 June 2013

Brainstorm of a G1 nature.

A year or so ago, I managed to gain another one of the beloved HeadMasters.  I have loved this concept since the day I got my grubby kiddy hands on Mindwipe.  Slowly but surely I am getting a few more toys that feature this gimmick and here I have a few shots of Brainstorm, one that I have wanted over the others for a while now.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Dodgy Phone review–Modern Lion-O

So today I am being a little lazy and didn’t have my camera with me when I cracked this guy open.  So I have since done a few extremely dodgy and crap pics with my phone camera of the 4 inch Lion-O.  Which I managed to pick up for two dollars.  I already covered my 6 inch Lion-O here and wasn’t going to bother with the four.  Until I decided to get some vehicles…  they’ll come later.

Friday 21 June 2013

Marvel Vs Capcom Character Collecting

Hmm, so my recent Legends Adventures have inspired me to find a few more characters in my (generally) futile attempt to gather the cast of various Vs. Capcom games.  Slowly but surely I am getting a few characters together and now I am pleased to say that I have gathered the daddy of all awesomeness that shows up in the Vs. Capcom games.

You may have guessed, it’s The unstoppable Juggernaut.

Ever since I got my grubby little hands on X-Men: Children of the Atom (COTA) game for my Saturn (and subsequently got addicted to Street Fighter style games…) I have been impressed and scared of Juggernaut.  He was an absolute prick in COTA and would kick the crap out of me all the time.  He was HUGE! 

Now I have the Diamond Marvel Select toy of him.  Oh YEAH!

This game was my first meeting with old Juggy.  He looked like this when you got to fight him.


As you can see, Juggernaut is frigging HUGE!  That’s how I want my Juggy to be compared to my other toys.  Can it be done?

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Liking my Comics: Legends Wolverine

After having so much enjoyment come out of the wonderful world of Archangel, I jumped onto and sought out the other figures I wanted from the line.  It turns out I got a few extra as well that I didn’t know I wanted…  Funny how that works… 

Long story short, I have Wolverine from the ‘Hit Monkey’ series, that is also the same series that Archangel comes from.  Oh and the good news? Online he wasn’t $30.  Huzzah!

Friday 14 June 2013

Protoform Optimus Prime

Transcanning Optimus
This was one of the first Transformers released for the first Michael Bay Transformers movie, as part of the ‘preview wave, it consisted of this Protoform Optimus Prime, Protoform Starscream and a Bumblebee if my memory serves me correctly.

Being a sad man that loves hi Cybertronian mode Transformers, I naturally had to get the two Protoform toys.  I wasn’t expecting much since they jut transform into a large turd, but they are surprisingly surprising.

Sunday 9 June 2013

Welcome to Australia, have you paid your Barstard tax today?

Inspired by a comment from Colby on my “A Tale of Legends” post on the excessive cost of a Marvel Legends toy of $30 at Toys R Us in Australia.  I put it down to what I refer to as ‘Barstard tax.’  Which is essentially a mark-up on normal prices for no other reason than being in Australia.

I ranted on about this in a way back when the Dark of the Moon toys came out in my (cleverly named if I say so myself) “Dark Of The Moon figure price RIPOFF!”   That post was inspired mainly from the situation that had come about from a strong Australian dollar that had been around for a year or more at the time.  Transformer prices have improved a little bit for us, but not by much.  It’s now been about 3 years at least where the Australian Dollar has been equal or higher to the American dollar and yet most of our toys are at least an extra 25% higher or more, just because we are in Australia.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

SuperCon Optimus Prime

Ooooh Armada.  You create such conflict in me.  On the one hand I love the PS2 game with the great character models and the toy line had potential with the Minicon connection thing.  I Would have loved to have seen this developed a bit more, say have the Minicons become actual armour pieces for the Transformers.  How cool would this scene be:
Megatron is about to rush a posse of Autobots, he is covered in minicons.  Megatron rushes in and the Autobots open fire, they exhaust their ammunition, thinking that Megatron must be dead as no-one would be able to withstand such an intense barrage.
The dust clears, Megatron is smoking but still standing defiant and unharmed.
The minicon armour he wore has taken all the punishment.  He shrugs his shoulders and flexes his chest, disposing of the previously living Minicon armour which crashes to the ground, still smoking and spent of all energy, only to rush the Autobot posse once more.

That was a scene that I have had in my head ever since I got Armada Megatron and worked out how many plugs he has.  Sadly it has never been done like that. So much potential never realised.

This Optimus is the Super-Con size of figure.  (i.e deluxe) and was brought out about midway through the series.  I picked it up because I quite like the look of Optimus here and to actually have a decently articulated figure of his Armada self was needed. 

Plus he has a Targetmaster.

Monday 3 June 2013

Legends Archangel

So this is the spoils of my might Toys R Wot?? Adventure.  Ever since I saw him in the comic, I have had a soft spot for Archangel.  This can definitely be attributed to his sweet ass wings.  Man I always wanted some of my own.  They look so cool.  I think ages ago I picked up a little toy of Archangel, it had firing missile things on his wings, but they just didn’t have that “Wow” factor that Archangel’s wings need.  I have since lost/gave away that little fella and have been waiting for an appropriately wowsome figure since.

I knew of a few of the old Marvel Legends made by Toy Biz all those years ago and liked quite a few of them.  thinking back I should have picked some up, after all they were only $15 and that was when the Australian dollar was a lot weaker, so they were pretty good value for money, but I was getting out of general characters and focussing on Transformers. 

On my recent travels for Masterpiece Transformers, I discovered this nice version of Warren in the Legends line, which has been taken over by Hasbro.  It’s nice to finally see larger figures back, but sadly the price has jumped up to $30.  Still I guess they are better value than the $18 4 inch figures we get.  Is he worth it?

A Tale of Legends

On the hunt for some Masterpiece Transformers for some friends, I found myself wandering through the wayward aisles of my local Toys R Wot??  On the way, I spied the fact they had some Marvel legends Figures.
And let the Story begin!!