Tuesday 25 June 2013

Dodgy Phone review–Modern Lion-O

So today I am being a little lazy and didn’t have my camera with me when I cracked this guy open.  So I have since done a few extremely dodgy and crap pics with my phone camera of the 4 inch Lion-O.  Which I managed to pick up for two dollars.  I already covered my 6 inch Lion-O here and wasn’t going to bother with the four.  Until I decided to get some vehicles…  they’ll come later.

Once again, simple nice packaging.  I really love the artwork.

You get the same accessories that the 6 Inch one has (i.e Sword of Omens on small and big modes, gauntlet), except instead of swapping over hands, the gauntlet just slips over his hand.  A big page of instructions too.

Out of the pack he looks like that.  Pretty good sculpt for such a small figure but he has simpler joints.  No double jointed knees or elbows here.  He has head, waist, hip and wrist swivels.  Single knees and elbows and a hinged swivel for the shoulders.  Oh and  hinges on his ankles.  Not too bad really.


You can see the power Lynx plug on his back and it’s quite surprising in it’s subtlety.

The gauntlet just slips over the arm, but still has a spot for holding the dagger of Omens.  The sword and dagger are bother very gummy, but the dagger fits really well and they are rather nicely detailed.


The head is hindered by the shoulder guard, so he can only look over his right shoulder.  This is because of his hair.  His big crazy hair.


Posing options are pretty good on such a small figure.


The details and paintwork are pretty good too for such a little guy.  No face close ups I am afraid though.  Phone camera can’t handle it.

So the end result is, this 4 inch figure is surprisingly good.  It stands well on it’s own merits, is fun to play with and will (hopefully) work well with some vehicles.  And well, I paid 2 bucks so it certainly was value for money.

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