Monday 17 May 2021

Generations Selects Final Final Manga Translation.


So here we are with the final, actually really final one of these comics for the Generations Selects toys.  Man if you asked me almost 2 years ago to translate and edit (checks file) 126 pages of Transformers comic, I probably would've laughed mightily.   And yet here we are.  I can hardly believe I did it.

But here we are. 2 years, 126 pages and a whole lot more knowledge than I had before.  I really need to thank Sakamoto.  His making of these comics has really helped me.  Now if I could only make some money off this somehow...

In this exciting episode:

  • Broken chests become a toy gimmick!
  • Flaking chrome become a toy gimmick!
  • Dimension hopping capes!
  • and battery draining jokes!

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Tets' New & Experimental Podscussion #1 - Bad Transformers we love.

Good whatever time of the day it is at the the time you are reading this.  Today I'd like to Pop up a little recording me and some pals did as a hopefully ongoing procedure.

I call it a Podscussion, essentially an interactive Podcast.  Here is the first episode, have a listen and enjoy, feel free to drop in any comments or thoughts as you see fit.

A big thanks to Big Angry Trev, for being a part, as well as all others who joined in.  Websites unknown.

This first discussion was about Transformers we think are bad, but love them anyway.