Generations Selects Reading Order

So with more and more Manga from the Generations Selects toys coming out, I thought I might as well make a list here of them and the order they come in.  I’ll pretty this up later.

1. It Starts with Star Convoy

  2. Released with Turtler/Snaptrap
  3. Released with The deluxe Seacons
  4. Also realeased with Deluxe Seacons.
  5. I think this was released with final Deluxe Seacons
  6. Bonus one perhaps, I can’t remember…
7. Super Megatron part 1 v1
8. Super Megatron part 1 v2
          9. The Megatron formerly known as Super, but would prefferred to be called Ultra from now 
              on if  you don't mind.

God Neptune
         8.  Will there be more?

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