Generations Selects Reading Order

So with more and more Manga from the Generations Selects toys coming out, I thought I might as well make a list here of them and the order they come in.  I’ll pretty this up later.

1. It Starts with Star Convoy

  2. Released with Turtler/Snaptrap
  3. Released with The deluxe Seacons
  4. Also realeased with Deluxe Seacons.
  5. I think this was released with final Deluxe Seacons
  6. Bonus one perhaps, I can’t remember…
7. Super Megatron part 1 v1
8. Super Megatron part 1 v2
          9. The Megatron formerly known as Super, but would prefferred to be called Ultra from now 
              on if  you don't mind.

God Neptune
        10.  Will there be more?
        11. Yes there will be, Neptune Part 2 (coming soon, nah, it's here now!)

Volcanicus and the Dinobots 

Terrorcons and Abominus
        14.  Vol 1 (maybe?)

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