Wednesday 15 April 2020

Super Megatron, the Second Half of the Comic.

The name's Gary.  Thank you for asking.

In this week’s exciting episode!

  • Friends are met!
  • Mysterious persons revealed!
  • Explanations are finally given! (sort of)



What a nutsy story. 
  • Lots of jumping between times, and dimensions in the whole general sort of mish mash….
  • Megatron has the longest name ever.
  • Is Primus’ trailer called the Noah?
  • Some more of the Covenant of Primus is revealed, which proved to be a tricky translation, but with some help from a friend, I think it came out pretty well, sounding all biblical, yet still keeping the Japanese meaning intact.
  • The section where Megatron is losing it on page 3 takes place after Megs and Op have become Action Masters.
  • The Primus Vanguard is an eclectic mix of general blue dudes, with such guys as Dirge, Legends Skids, Blue Mirage, Sonic Blue Bumblebee, Legends Dai Atlus, Energon Omega Sentinel to name just a few.
  • Blue Matrix, silver matrix, red and yellow and pink and green?
  • Something tells me that using the Matrix as a hammer is not generally a good idea…
  • If the Seacon army is infinite, how did Star Convoy manage to destroy every last frame in an earlier issue?  Although I think not all the Seacons were in that one…  Also, where do they all come from?  Some constant massive robo-fish  orgy or something?  Since they are expendable drones, why do they have names? Does Turtler control them all or do they have some form of AI?  Is Turtler himself replaceable? So many Seacon questions that need answering!!
  • Looks like God Neptune is going to come along as well for those who missed Piranacon.  
  • I wonder what other God characters they can do.


  1. "Megatron has the longest name ever."

    He's tied with Ectronymous Diamatron...

    But the true holder of the title of "longest name" is Lord Imperious Delirious.

    1. Needed to some googling n those guys. Wew. On the one hand though, I would argue that the 'Lord' part of Imperious Delirious is his title, so not entirely his name. But, I don't really mind either way to be honest. There's some odd names in Transformers! Thanks for enlightening me to some more!

    2. Don't you remember Imperious from that Rampage/Transmutate story?

    3. I haven't read much of the IDW comics series, so sadly no.


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