Sunday 5 April 2020

Super Megatron Comic Translation Generations Selects Part 7

Here we go with the translation of the first part of the Super Megatron comic which is meant to drum up interest in the toy of the same name from Takaratomy.  Original comic is here, I'll probably update this post with it later on.

For now, though enjoy these 3 pages.

Things get a little nutsy in the second half.  Translation is actually done, I juts have to edit it in.  Stand by for an update later...


  1. Thanks for sharing! I hope you can update the next part today! Story seems interesting now I can read it.

    1. Heya, thanks for dropping by. I'm currently working on part 2 now. Turns out Takaratomy updated the comics with a nicer drawn version (more effects and better looks) when they added parts 3 & 4. So it has stalled me a little. Should have more up this weekend though!


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