Wednesday 24 February 2016

Frame Arms Girl, Materia White version.

Here I am with a light but rather large box and it happens to contain a Frame Arms Girl figure in it.  It turns out that these guys are like little plastic model kits that you need t assemble yourself.

Good thing I’ve been sort of practicing with these model kits a bit lately. Let’s go!!

Saturday 20 February 2016

Transformer’s future–> Looking good!

Last weekend  was rather exciting for me. 

Toyfair has hit and hasbro had a pretty good display to show off what they had planned after Combiner Wars finsihed (or, as TF lines in Australia do, fizzle out, leaving me to scrounge for the last figure or so).  I was wondering what they had planned for the next line.  Oddly, I have managed to avoid getting a complete Combiner  team yet.  None of them have quite tickled my fancy enough for forking out the money for a complete set yet.  Bruticus will probably change my mind, but until then….

I think the movie styling has lost its shine and CW is kind of running its course, with HB saying they had no plans for monster combiner teams (I want Abominus dammit!!).  Then came along the trickle of info.  It started with a few shots of this and that and it looked pretty good.   Lots of Headmasters were mentioned.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Looks a lot like Voltron - King of Beast

This was a whacky one.  What started off as me messing about with my new Voltron CD and making a parody introduction, ended up turning into a review.  Which I was never really entirely satisfied with.  After recording the talky-talk (yeah, professional terms here folks) about 3 times, I gave up and edited the video for a shorter video.  Original length of 25 min, way too long to be bored I thought, so I've managed to chop it down to a more bearable 14 min.

So in the end I have a video I am mostly satisfied with, but I just realised that I forgot to cover two things, the alternate face and his shield thing, and on top of that, I don't even have any photos.  Whoops.

This is Madtoys' King Of Beast.  Essentially a third party Voltron toy.  It certainly beats the snot out of the Toynami Masterpiece Voltron by about a quazilbajillion percent (may not  be a real number).  This year's Wonderfest has also unveiled a licensed version of this very toy as the REAL thing.


So, I guess, you could consider this a prototype review.  Ooooh, I son't think I have any prototypes of any toys!

Sunday 7 February 2016

Clockwork Knight; Unwrapped

In the episode of Unwrapped, I have a play of Clockwork Knight on the Saturn.  I'd heard that as far as platformers go it isn't too bad and as I am a big fan of platformers, I thought I'd check it out.

After playing it a bit more in the following days I've come to the conclusion that its's not ad, but not fantastic either.  I do see it as being a bit of a nice one for showing off the old 32bit gaming power of the Saturn in the early days

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Nendoroid Kirby Video review

Here's a review of Nendoroid Kirby, made by the people at Good Smile Company, the very same that bring us the delightful figmas!  YAY!

I don't generally like Nendoroids, the dimensions are generally a bit ugly looking to me, but I have a couple in my collection.  Kirby however doesn't bother me, because the small, pudgy dimensions fit him fairly well.

Enough blab!  Watch the videooooooo!