Sunday 18 June 2017

LG38 Condor and Apeface Comic Translation


Due to me liking a challenge, I went ahead and translated the comic for Apreface and Condor (laserbeak) of the Transformers Legends Headmasters line.   

At first, I was going to make this a full video review, but after testing myself and trying to make a motion comic, I started filming the footage for the toy and came across a problem.

I love Apeface.

I hate Laserbeak.

I ended up with about 15 miinutes of some rather boring footage which I could use, but it would suck.  So I stuck with making the motion comic and am currently thinking about re-doing the toys themselves.

So, here we go.  Enjoy the video, I had fun working on it and it took a rather long time.  If you want to read the comic, I’ll have the translated version below.

Once again, thanks for looking.


And finally, the original version.


Sunday 11 June 2017

LG 43 Trypticon Web Comic Translation


With the oncoming LG 42 Dinasaurer coming along, I thought it would be cool to get my act together and translate the webcomic.  Sourced from Takaratomy’s website.