Sunday 11 June 2017

LG 43 Trypticon Web Comic Translation


With the oncoming LG 42 Dinasaurer coming along, I thought it would be cool to get my act together and translate the webcomic.  Sourced from Takaratomy’s website.

Or so I thought, but it appears to not be there anymore…. How odd.  So in the interests of preservation, here is the original comic in Japanese:


Wow, how very interesting.  Now here’s the English version, with (as usual) arrowed and arrow-less versions.



Some notes on the comic:

First thing is to do with his name.  In the English version, he is always Trypticon.  In this comic though he changes names, hence my usage of the Japanese name. 

Point 2 of the Japanese name.  Even though the box has the English text of Dinosaurer (‘dinosaur’ with an ‘er’), the Japanese  scripts uses a phonetic script that when pronounced sounds like Dino (as in dinosaur minus the saur), zow ra.  I can only assume that somewhere along the lines the Japanese name had a translation mess up.  If you spell the katakan JP script using the English alphabet, you get Dainozaura which kind of makes sense as to how they got the Dinosaurer name, aside from them making the Z into an S.  I checked the cartoon and the actors called him Dinazowra, so that’s what I went with.

On the name change:  His original name was Dinozowra, and it later changed to DiNAzaowra.  I went with the spelling DYNAzowra because he is supposed to be powered up (his forehead gun is exposed and he is larger with a different shape for Fulltilt) and I assumed that he was named this way originally to associate the name with Dynamite somehow.

Lots of nice bot cameos on this comic, I got my bud Ark-Ivor onto the job and he spotted.
  • Galvatron II
  • Dirge and Thrust
  • Runabout, Runamuck.
  • Optimus Prime (Convoy)
  • Treader, Mixing and Crush Bull, Gran Arm, Iron Lift and Treader (From the six builder team of constructicons)
  • Blades, Swerve and Phaser, Tailgate and Groundpounder, Rattrap
  • Big powered
  • Barricade, Motorhead, Rollerforce, Groundhog
  • Metrotitan, MetroDash, Metroshot, Metrotank, Metrobomb
  • Headmasters.  Many are obvious


  1. Wait, Trypticon was destroyed a second time... and by two minibots?!? Oh you wacky Japanese;)

    1. Yeah, I thought that odd and checked it a couple of times to make sure I had it right. I think Swerve is using his "My first blaster" gun from the IDW comics as well. A nice touch (I don't read the IDW comics, so not 100% sure).


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