Monday 29 May 2017

God Bomber –> First Impressions

Since my time for making posts with nice photos is often limited, I’ve decided to start a little section that has some dodgy phone pictures and my initial thoughts on a toy as I open it.  I’ll start this momentous occasion with God Bomber, or thanks to my phone’s auto correct, God Bimbo.

GB make a good show in the box, although it is immediately obvious that he can in no way pass as a vehicle on his own.  the box also looks very similar to the original G1 style packaging, in regards to toy placement and stuff.  The headmaster robot looks a lot like a drone character.  Appropriate, because GB didn’t have consciousness in the original show.   Actually since he was a drone, why did he need a head in the first place?

GodBimbo (1)GodBimbo (2)

The bio states that he has been imbued with a personality, thereby making the HM component justified.  I guess.  It doesn’t however give you any clue as to what his personality is like though, so… what was the point?

GB’s head mode has by far the biggest face of all the Legends figures.  He comes with a helmet too.  If you don’t use the helmet, he looks like he has no forehead.  The helmet and even just head alone looks somewhat silly on other Transformers.

GodBimbo (3)GodBimbo (5)GodBimbo (4)

The vehicle mode is… ok.  It summons the feels of the original well.  When connected to Ginrai, it makes a very long trailer, but doesn’t have much in the way of turning ability.

GodBimbo (7)GodBimbo (6)

It’s cool in that you can sit three HM figures in the front, which also works well for arming the “Battle station” mode.  Transforming GB consist of assembly.  The base mode is flimsy with a big gap in the middle, it looks kind of cool, I guess, but I’m not that sold on it to be honest.  Messing around with the bits is annoying as well since when you try and connect a piece to another, other pieces will move from their spots.  It’s a tad too floppy and that’s frustrating.  For the time it took to make this mode, it certainly wasn’t worth the effort.

GodBimbo (8)GodBimbo (9)GodBimbo (10)

Robot mode means more assembly.  Actually from trailer to robot he Transforms.   Robot mode looks great.  Good articulation, ankle swivels and a really nice tough look to him.  He looks good with Super Ginrai, as he should.  Without the helmet the HM head looks damn small!

GodBimbo (13)GodBimbo (11)Ginrai In the HelmetGodBimbo (14)

Combining Ginrai and GB Is more disassembly and plugging.  Since GB’s forearms are panels, they come off easily enough, sometimes too easily.   The instructions I found a bit hard to make out, but hey, I got there in the end.

GodBimbo (15)GodBimbo (16)GodBimbo (17)
It looks pretty damn good.   Just pop Ginrai’s helmet on though.  His head looks small without it in Super Mode…. so….

Balance isn’t too bad.  He’s a bit back heavy, but it can be accounted for.  I like the way that all of Ginrai’s accessories can be stashed on him, although its a tight fit.

GodBimbo (18)GodBimbo (19)

You can also leave the HM robots in the chest if you like.

GodBimbo (22)GodBimbo (20)

He is naturally pretty tall.

GodBimbo (23)GodBimbo (24)

So, initial impressions is very similar to my thoughts of the original.  Slightly fiddly, flimsy toy.  But man does he looks cool when combined with Super Ginrai.  Eh, I will say this, he also looks pretty good by himself. 

Those are my first impression

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