Wednesday 27 July 2022

End of G1 Universe Manga translation!

 Hellloooo ladies and gentlethings, Mr. Sakamoto has been hard at work drawing a new Manga with a bunch of pals and I have been hard at work trying to make it look like an English version of the same comic books.

Well, I have finished and thus I will share it here.  Initially uploaded on Twitter, I messed it up a bit because I despise social networking on the internet.  I have a bunch of accounts I barely touch.  So naturally I made a complete and utter balls up of trying to upload the comic as a "thread" on the twatters.

Random Notes and Ramblings at the end.

Saturday 9 July 2022

Cool mystical glowing foxes!

Ah foxes, aren't they just the cutest little creatures, with the creepiest little eyeballs?  I love them.  And I found these crazy, but awesome foxes with a hint of Japanese magic and mystical-i-ness.  Check out the video to find out all about them!