Saturday, 22 October 2016

LG 18 Super Mode Armada Starscream Comic Translation

I don’t have Legends 18 Starscream, which is a shame since I think I rather liked the normal Starscream toy, however after receiving the Collector’s Club Ramjet, I’m not so sure anymore.  Anyway, I managed to find a decent enough copy of the scanned comic  from the internet without an obtrusive watermark, (thanks to whoever uploaded it) and got to work making a translation.

At the request of friends, I added some directional arrows, as I’ve had comments from people that make me believe they’re not reading it in the right sequence.  So here you go.

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There's a lot of very rare Transformers of various types features in this little comic, can you spot them all?

ArkIvor did a pretty good job for me of spotting them, so test your knowledge.  Answers after the jump!

Friday, 14 October 2016

When's a Collector's Edition, not a collector's edition?

when it's

Sonic Mania,

 the game that looks very nice.  Also a bit of a sad situation for SEGA really.  They have to get fans to program a good 2 Sonic game.    As a fan of Sonic's games ( no, I didn't program this one) and generally disliking many modern Sonic games, I was excited to hear of a Collector's Edition Sonic Mania.

Ooh, says I, that will go nicely with my Sonic Adventure 2 Special edition (Celebrating 10 years of Sonic) and my Sonic Generations (celebrating 20 years of Sonic) special editions.

You may have gathered that I have a loong history with Sonic and I consider myself a GAME collector, for better or worse.  So it was with some dismay that I noticed a most important item missing from the Sonic Mania Collector's Edition.

Let's look at what you get.

  • Box  -check
  • Statue (with SEGA start sound) -check (and kinda cool)
  • SEGA cart ring holding thing  -- Check (also very cool!)
  • Game  - ?


  • Metallic Collector's Card with Download code  --ooooh..... check... I guess.

Wow, now I find it odd, being a collector's item, aimed probably at collectors.
Probably at collectors of Sonic games.
Collectors who like Sonic games that have the old style of gameplay.
Collector's that are very highly likely to have played on a Megadrive/Master system, which meant having physical copies of the game.

But there is no disc for the game.  Really?

So, I might as well go and buy a dl code and some random Sonic merch and make my own ltd Sonic Collector's set.  WOW!  Only 1 in the whole world!

 L@@k! RARE!  Sonic Mania LTD edition

That's how I'll list it on ebay.

Really, I think considering how it's a Collector's edition, they could've set up a small run of discs or something for it.  Sheesh.  Lazy effort detected.

Some Collector's Edition, obviously not aimed at game collector's that's for sure.

Who's it for?

Trinket collectors.

Come on SEGA, where's my damn physical copy of the game?  Don't you have any faith that it will make money?  Or are you too busy thinking up new pachinko machine ideas.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Looking Wheelie good!

  Wheelie Header
Survivalist Wheelie.  Oh Wheelie, your toy bio was all wild-child found in the jungle stuff going on, but the cartoon turned you into an annoying little schmuck.

After sitting through the torture of Headmasters, I came to the conclusion that Japan hates you too.  Plus the original toy was pretty crap.  Eventually you got an update in a legion size toy and you were pretty good.

Now you’ve gotten another update and the comic points you out as being extremely annoying!  That’s of little consequence, as I like toys more than comics and Wheelie could be very cool.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Legends 17 English comic Translation Black Widow / Arachnia LG17

Continuing on with my translating efforts, here is the comic for Blackarachnia / Black Widow.  This one is a pretty cute one too.

Toy review is here

Tets' Toys & Shenanigans

Some things of note that I picked up on while looking closely.

  • Of course this is Halloween themed.  Blackarachnia was released in Japan at the end of October.
  • When BA wakes up, you can see the Legends Megatron toy and G1 Megatron in gun mode next to her, as well as a Megatron book/magazine/comic.
  • On her wall are Megatron posters with Prime megs, Movie Megs and possibly 2 others the are obscured.
  • She sleeps on Decepticon bed sheets.
  • Slipstream is a bit put out by BA in their OL clothes.  Is this due to bust size? (yes, I think it is).
  • The Femme-con ladies costumes are, BA – Cat girl, SS – Devil (maid?) and NS – Traditional Japanese burial clothes, usually used to depict a female ghost.
  • Nightbird uses signs, since she doesn’t speak. (Silent Ninja Y’see)
  • Windblade is dressed in the top part of Japanese school girl sailor uniform, combined with a school style swimsuit.  Typical school girl fetish clothes.  Airrazor is dressed as a female nurse.  Odd since Airrazor was a boy in Japanese Beast Wars…
  • The FemmeBOTS 3 shot picture, Arcee is a maid, Windblade has her school theme (perhaps indicating she’s the youngest?) and Chromia is a Bunnygirl… Maybe a reference to her large bust size…  Chromia also doesn’t seem to be too fond of her costume.
  • Rattrap is looking right up Arcee’s skirt….
  • Megatron’s hat is of course Krimzeek.
  • BW Megatron has some kind of cape.  Both his dino head(hand) and robo head have top hats.  Is he a classy vampire?  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

The original here.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Blue guy that isn't Sonic The Hedgehog


I’ve always dug Blurr, his super sleek space car mode looks nice.  His robot mode, well it wasn’t so sleek, (but animated fixed that!).  The only Blurr toy I have so far is the recolour of Drift (and Animated), where he as a rather chunky looking car that turned into a chunky robot.  I did really like his headsculpt though.

Legends has brought about a Headmaster Blurr.  Hrm, Okay.  He had a Nebulan chum in G1, but it changed into a gun.  How does this guy turn out?

Nice. Very nice is the short answer.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

ThunderForce IV : Great Gaming Moments

Been a while since I've done one of these, so here's one that's been in the back of my mind for a while, it's the wonderful SHMUP, Thunderforce IV on the Megadrive.  I didn't own this game, I hired it and that's how much this one stuck with me! Wow!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Sweep(s) the Leg, A Legends Scourge review

ScourgeHM (76)

Scourge, the leader of the Sweeps and tracker of um, things across the galaxy.  Working for Galvatron he is a nasty fellow.  NOW he is a headmaster.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Scourge’s weird vehicle mode. 
He’s a boat.

That flies. 

Through space. 

Riiiight, about as much sense as Rodimus’ space camper van.

He is also standing on my  desk?  How does he rate after the wonders of Hardhead and Skullcruncher?

Read on to find out…  oooohhhh Mystical!