Thursday 31 March 2016

Unite Warriors Drag Strip

Next on the list of Stunticons is Dragstrip, the winning obsessed speed freak.  On the original toy, he was very yellow.  This one is bigger and still very yellow.  Is he TOO yellow?

Friday 25 March 2016

Stunticons Breakdown, no pun title.

Breakdown (Header
The Stunticons are probably my 3rd favourite combiner of the original toys.  What I did really like about the Stunticons is they really promoted the personality aspect of  Transformers as all the Stunticons have some sort of personality disorder.  I’m going to start my series of reviews with my favourite vehicle from the team,


Sunday 6 March 2016

Sega Saturn Transparencies explained!

In a delightfully lazy effort as an update post, I am going to drop in this video I stumbled upon while cruising YouTube one day.  You may have noticed that I kind of rather like the humble SEGA Saturn game console.  You would be right!

However I have always been interested in the main weakness of the console, well perhaps a popular note of discussion, that the Saturn can't do transparencies (well).  This always bothered me a little bit, as I have many games with the old mesh making up for transparent effect in games, yet I've also seen games using some rather nice looking transparencies too.  I have also seen games using BOTH mesh and transparencies.  This has aroused my curiosity and despite some reading upon it, I never really understood the situation very well.

Until I came across this video, which explains it rather well, along with some example footage.  It's pretty well done.

Although I strongly slapping on the annotations as the guy's English, while grammatically isn't bad, his accent is VERY strong.