Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sega Saturn Transparencies explained!

In a delightfully lazy effort as an update post, I am going to drop in this video I stumbled upon while cruising YouTube one day.  You may have noticed that I kind of rather like the humble SEGA Saturn game console.  You would be right!

However I have always been interested in the main weakness of the console, well perhaps a popular note of discussion, that the Saturn can't do transparencies (well).  This always bothered me a little bit, as I have many games with the old mesh making up for transparent effect in games, yet I've also seen games using some rather nice looking transparencies too.  I have also seen games using BOTH mesh and transparencies.  This has aroused my curiosity and despite some reading upon it, I never really understood the situation very well.

Until I came across this video, which explains it rather well, along with some example footage.  It's pretty well done.

Although I strongly slapping on the annotations as the guy's English, while grammatically isn't bad, his accent is VERY strong.

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