Saturday 25 August 2018

Abominable Gamble

Takara and Hasbro have moved to brand similarity for the Power of the Primes and here in Japan, we seem to be getting the exact same toys as America/Australia/UK etc. 

Being a fan of the Terrorcons, I was determined to get them one way or another and while cruising the web, I spied a listing on the TakaraTomy Mall (TTMall) for a Set of them.


Now, according to the listing , it IS  a TTMall exclusive.

Oh, says I, mayhap there be a nice box, or little something extra to sweeten the deal?  SO taking a gamble, as the price is full retail (I can pick them up cheaper in the shops or from Amazon), I pre-ordered them.  After all they’re exclusive right?  Admittedly there was nothing extra listed on the release page, it just had the “TTMall Original” selection pegged on the page.

Well today, the friendly delivery guy dropped them off to me. 

Curiously, I cracked the box open to see…..


4 Deluxes and one Voyager.  Nothing extra.  I checked the delivery docket just to make sure they didn’t mess up the order.  Sure enough, it lists them as the Terrorcon set.

I’m still glad to have them, but I certainly could have saved some money by getting them somewhere else and was rather hoping to have at least something as a sweetener for the set.  Oh well.  I guess the extras that TakaraTomy used to do are well and truly finished.