Sunday 13 July 2014

Classics Optimus Prime

Going back a few years (2007) for this one as I go through my toys I am rediscovering how cool some of them are.  One of the figures that I thought was the bee’s knees was this Optimus Prime from the Classics line.  The line that reimagined the original G1 characters and toys with the technology available today.

Optimus Prime here is of the Voyager class size and packaged as such.  Sadly he wasn’t at all near to the size of Voyagers that we were used to, in fact he only looked a little more bulkier than a deluxe sized toy of the time. My how things have changed.  Although some of the Classics line have dated a little, I still rather like this Optimus toy and he is my leader of the contemporary Autobots for my little collection.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

AOA Weapon X, aka Wolverine

Marvel Legends AOA Wolverine
With the Age of Extinction Transformers movie coming up soon,  thought I would make that a very loose connection to the one series of comics that make me accidentally call the new movie (AOE) AOA instead, leading to much confusion with those involved in the discussion.

Of course it’s the X-Men series Age of Apocalypse.  I covered Sabretooth from this series a while back and quite liked the figure, despite the simplicity of his design.  How will Wolverine pull up?  Actually, that should read “How will Weapon X pull up” as I am led to believe he never dropped the Weapon X moniker in the AOA universe.