Saturday 27 August 2022

Velocitron Manga Translation part 1

 Takaratomy whipped out a little manga to ingratiate the characters of the Velocitron 500 "series" to a Japanese audience(Purely my own speculation), and being the kind hearted fellow I am (also speculation)  and it not being as bat shit crazy as the usual Manga (ahem, I'm looking at you Selects and Legends....) I promptly set about translating it.

And because the Japanese ones usually disappear after a while, here they are too.

Road Rocket's a chick now hey?  Cute to see Devy peering over the top, wonder how they feel about Roadhauler?
I'd be more inclined to buy the Legacy DiaBurnout if it came with a little person figure, like the Masterpiece version does.

Friday 19 August 2022

Mega Construx Cliff Climber with Fisto


Ahh Mega construx, how you tempt my ways.  I was first introduced to this brand through X-Men, where I got Cyclops and Havok, then Later I found me a Thor, Loki and Captain America.  Old Cap was good enough to be my desk toy for a good number of years.

I later discovered Ninja Turtle versions, and set some friends to the task of hunting them down AND then found out about the He-Man versions too.  My first He-man set was a desperate play for a 5 pack, because it had Scareglow in it. (review on the way sometime).

One day while bored and cruising the net, a dangerous occupation I know, I saw these Masters of the Universe sets on sale on Amazon and with a bit of careful planning, decided to take the plunge. Sigh.

This Cliff Climber set wasn't on special as such, BUT it was only 10 bucks and the Skeletor face glows in the dark.  Perfect!  Having no idea what the hell a Cliff Climber was, would the novelty of a Glow Skeletor face be enough to justify bored frivolity? 

Read on....

Monday 8 August 2022

End of G1 Universe Manga translation part 2

 Aaand here I am with the second part.  What a cute little story of excitement and redemption and friendship.

Part 1 Here

Random notes and what not at the end.