Monday 8 August 2022

End of G1 Universe Manga translation part 2

 Aaand here I am with the second part.  What a cute little story of excitement and redemption and friendship.

Part 1 Here

Random notes and what not at the end. 

Random notes and musings:
Page 1: The dead should stay dead, says the guy who was definitely dead. Lio Convoy was, and Unicron was disembodied, with his power almost run out and gone, which counts as pretty dead methinks.
Page 2:  I like that the lion face does the eating, since the robot face doesn't have a mouth.
Page 3: Dark death butte, oh boy. This chestnut...  Okay, so the Japanese script has it as ビューと which in English script comes out as 'byuto', which, to be honest looks terrible to read, so I made it Butte to make it sorta kinda Frenchy posh sounding.  The origin of the word byuto seems to be an onomatopoeia for a whipping noise, so I was tempted to go with whip, and a googling of the word byuto ( in Japanese) leads one to find references to Dragon Quest, Final Fantasty and whip weapons.
HOWEVER, I was not satisfied, as Leo Prime there is plainly not using it as a whip.  More research was required.  

And so I found:

The byuto originates from the Japanese Super Sentai Series Himitsu Sentai Goranger.  And the AkaByuto weapon was for Akaranger.  It is essentially a "Whatever he needs it to be at the time weapon." The card below states it can be a "Javelin Byuto, or a drill byuto and others" as well as being able to generate an electric charge.  As you can see in the picture, it's a rope type weapon in his hand.  (He also stores it in his eye mask of all place.  Handy.
Thanks to someone for this.

Page 4: Ah, the name change from Lio to Leo.  In Japanese Lio Convoy was (on paper) Rye-oh Conboy.  Apparently the show had him as Ree-oh Conboy.  Now Dark Amber Leo Prime here has turn into Leo Prime, but in Japanese (again, on paper) its now like Rei-oh Prime.  Oh well.  Oh, so Leon Cutter doesn't seem as cool as a Lion Cutter.  That's my point.  Moving on...
I also get a kinda Zombie Deadpool feel from Untite's head.
Page 5:  Nothing much to say on this one
Page 6: Nor this one, although, Japanese has onomatopoeias for many things.  What is the sound of silence?  Pita, apparently  (well previous noise stopping at the very least.).
Page 7: Not much for this one either, sorry.
Page 8: Nice to see a random use for the Orchanoch here. Had to google that one, as I was unaware it was thing .  Nice work.

Gotta admit, this one was kinda fun!

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  1. I found myself thinking back to Transformers Energon, when the Autobots aimed to use Unicron to restore planets...


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