Wednesday 27 July 2022

End of G1 Universe Manga translation!

 Hellloooo ladies and gentlethings, Mr. Sakamoto has been hard at work drawing a new Manga with a bunch of pals and I have been hard at work trying to make it look like an English version of the same comic books.

Well, I have finished and thus I will share it here.  Initially uploaded on Twitter, I messed it up a bit because I despise social networking on the internet.  I have a bunch of accounts I barely touch.  So naturally I made a complete and utter balls up of trying to upload the comic as a "thread" on the twatters.

Random Notes and Ramblings at the end.

Eh, not many comments.  

It strikes me as odd with Untite rather quickly jumping to the conclusion that Dark Amber is Unicron reborn.

I have a feeling Untite's name stems form the Japanese use of "Untitled" for anonymous books and stuff.

The bit where Blue bolt tells DarkAmber to eat her uses Prey in the japanese text.  Which is totally acceptable considering the lion/bird relationship, but to have her say "Dark Amber Leo Prime, prey on me/eat me" just felt super super creepy when I first tried it.  So, I decided on consume since Unicron is known for consuming.

Overall, not a bad little comic, I quite like that Dark Amber is a dick to everyone.  It's refreshing.  Also, it stuck me odd that he is a Prime and no a convoy anymore.  It also fits nicely with the end of the Selects comic, with everyone abandoning Earth and Emerald Leo coming to the planet.  

Anyhoo, enough of my rambling.  Enjoy. And I'll see you later, when this continues!

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  1. Anyone else imagine DA Leo Prime sounding like Lobo?


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