Sunday 15 May 2016

Time for Unite Warriors Menasor

Now for some big sized action.  I’ve taken care of the component parts, now it’s time to form


Friday 6 May 2016

TAV Runabout


Character updates are lovely and here we have another new addition to the ranks of the unstable Stunticons.  This toy was coloured and named BlackJack in the Combiner Wars line by Hasbro and since I have the Micromaster BlackJack, I really wanted that toy.  However after having a good look at him, his head is very not BlackJack.  It also turns out that this toy as originally modeled to be an update of the Battlecharger Runabout.

That makes more sense since his head looks a lot more like Runabout than BlackJack.  So after some hunting around, I finally got my grubby mitts on this guy.