Tuesday 30 July 2013

Avoiding the Boxset. Shattered Glass Megatron

So, yeeeeaaahhhh…..

Sure I said after doing the  Botcon figures from 2012 that I would get about going through the  Shattered Glass boxset and then promptly followed up by doing Rodimus….  Weeeelll, I’ve done it again.  Megatron here was Rodimus’ bag buddy and therefore isn’t a part of the box set.  That all said though, after I finish this review, I have no other Shattered Glass characters to do except the box set.

See?  The silver lining.

Thursday 25 July 2013

WFC Megatron Revisited

So, after getting the Hasbro version of War For Cybertron Megatron, I eventually stumbled upon the Japanese version.  As a result, this won’t be a full on review as I pretty much covered what I wanted to with my review of the Hasbro one.  Being crammed into Takaratomy’s United line, This Megatron gets some additional sexiness with some shiny paint. 

The most noticeable difference being a much darker colour scheme.

Sunday 21 July 2013

Galaxy Force Starscream

Galaxy Force Starscream

Aaah, Galaxy Force.  Without a doubt this series is in my Top 3 of Transformers lines. Incidentally, my top 3 consists of Generation 1, Animated and Galaxy Force, but I can’t put one over the other, so there is no Number 1…

Old Starscream here is a bit of an odd one.  The Japanese release got a single release in show accurate colours, but despite being a major character in the show, the not Japanese release only got released in a two-pack with Vector Prime.  He was also painted vastly different too.  I don’t count that abominable Supreme Starscream which was a slightly modified version of this toy, but blown up to ridiculous size.  It was Horrid.  My main reason for getting this Starscream was because he appears to be based on the old ‘Tetra-jet’ as the fandom refers to them as.  Which is the triangle jet modes they had on Cybertron in the original cartoon. 

It also looks cool.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Electro Disruptor Mirage

I’ve been meaning to get to this guy for a while.  I took the photos almost three years ago now and my experience (or lack thereof) with less colourful characters seems to show a bit in these photos.  I have decided to use them and have this post show on the 16th July 2013.  three years after I took the photos, as a sort of archival piece of sorts.  I’ll probably get around to redoing this as my skills and camera have developed and I think there is a lot of potential for this guy to be fun to photograph.  Even more so than Ghost Starscream.

It also helps that the figure itself (a recoloured Classics toy) is very good.

Saturday 13 July 2013

3rd Birthday Post and and Beast Wars Heinlad

Woooo!  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I am proud to announce that through some remarkable show of both effort and resilience that I have been running this blog for a mighty three years!  Happy Birthday Tets’ Toys & Shenanigans! 

I first started this blog as a way to use the photos of my toys that I enjoyed taking so much, but would never get around to doing anything with.  It has worked beautifully in one respect failed in another.  It has worked as I do get a way to share my photos that I enjoy taking so much.  It has failed however in that now I have a hard drive full of pictures that I have taken “for my blog.”  Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.  On the plus side, I still enjoy taking pictures, as well as doing posts for my blog, although sometimes it can be a fair bit of work to get done.  I initially intended to have a post every couple of days, but that is quite a bit of work.  But there ya go, I am happy with the way things are at the moment and update when I can.  After all I don’t want to over do it and begin hating the things I love.

I’ve met a great bunch of dudes as well.  Special “howdies” go out to Westen who has a developing blog and youtube channel.  His video is a bit choppy, but he says some good stuff.  Drunketh from Horror movies and Beer for some incredibly amusing reviews of videos, movies, toys and of course beers. Gord, Colby, Heroic Decepticon and everybody else for the interaction and motivation and um, browse-ivation ( ?).

And so, to celebrate I have dedicated this post to the 3rd Anniversary.  Why?  Because it is the most amusing (quirky?) Beast Wars figure I know of.  Heinlad.  And I think that may summ up my blog effectively…


Tuesday 9 July 2013

Legion Class Evac


This little guy is supposed to be a representation of the dude you ride in, in the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios Singapore and somewhere else.  There is the only place where you can buy a deluxe sized one, but they did have the fore-sight to make up a smaller Legion sized fellow for general release.  I grabbed it because I think it is cool.


Read on to find out why.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

A Colossal purchase.

Actually I lied.  It isn’t a colossal purchase.  Just a colossal TOY! 

I must say that Colossus is my favourite X-Man character.  Hmm, Hulk, Juggy, Colossus.  All stupidly strong characters, see the theme there?  I bet there is a psychological reasoning for this somehow…  But that’s enough self psychology thanks.  This here is a review of the Diamond Toys (maker), Marvel Select (series) Colossus (character).  I bought this guy when I bought Juggernaut, because he was well priced and much like Juggernaut, is one I have seen and wanted but never really bothered looking for. 

I also thought, since the Marvel Selects have a tendency to be larger figures, he would be a rather nicely scaled figure to go with my recently acquired Wolverine.  So after all that effort, does he actually fit in to my newly started 6 inch Marvel characters line well?