Tuesday 16 July 2013

Electro Disruptor Mirage

I’ve been meaning to get to this guy for a while.  I took the photos almost three years ago now and my experience (or lack thereof) with less colourful characters seems to show a bit in these photos.  I have decided to use them and have this post show on the 16th July 2013.  three years after I took the photos, as a sort of archival piece of sorts.  I’ll probably get around to redoing this as my skills and camera have developed and I think there is a lot of potential for this guy to be fun to photograph.  Even more so than Ghost Starscream.

It also helps that the figure itself (a recoloured Classics toy) is very good.

This guy is a recolour of Mirage from the Classics line which was only available through a mail away system when you bought the Japanese Generations Vol1  magazine in 2009.  It is meant to represent Mirage (or Lijier as he is known in Japan) as if he is using his cloaking ability. 

As it turns out, the toy is a nice black and white of sorts with various shades of translucent plastic in between.  It is quite effective.  I also like that it makes him look very monochromatic.


Even the packaging is just Black and white.

Electro MirageElectro Mirage
The robot mode is very good, although thin but this does allow full movement of his rather impressive amount of joints.  He does have the Japanese chromed bits that their series of Classics (called henkei henkei) come with, so his spoiler and nose wing are chromed.  I like that the only colour on him is the Autobot insignia and the bit just under her head.

Electro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro Mirage
His balance works really well and you can chuck him into pretty much any pose you’d like.  He can even crouch down very low.

Transformation is slightly tricky.  You have to be a bit careful with his waist area as it is very thin, but the flow of everything feels fairly natural.  It is a well designed little figure.
Electro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro Mirage
Vehicle mode looks pretty cool as well.  A simple F1 type car.  you can see that even with the chrome, it doesn’t look out of place.

All the sculpting on the normal figure is there, just a bit harder to see.  Man I love translucent wheels.

Electro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro Mirage

You can see the robot head through the cockpit area, which I actually quite like in this version!

Electro MirageElectro Mirage

Of course, much of the fun of this dude comes from some selective lighting.

Electro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro MirageElectro Mirage

That is pretty cool.  I definitely think I will have to redo these pictures sometime, especially since I have those lightning bases I picked up a while ago.  Plus white toys and a white background make a tricky photo it would seem.

In the end though, this is a good figure.  of course that stems from the originally coloured Mirage being a good figure though.  If you can find one, I’d say get it.  If however you are just after a contemporary Mirage/Lijier, I’d just go for the normal version.  It’s a great toy in both vehicle and robot mode.  Hell they did a recolour and named it Fracture, a nice homage to the Machine Men/Gobots Renegade character of Crasher in the Revenge of the Fallen line (I think, one of the movie lines as a filler) and even that is pretty good as well.  Uum, so really, you have a good selection of colours to choose from and they all look pretty nice.

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