Tuesday 9 July 2013

Legion Class Evac


This little guy is supposed to be a representation of the dude you ride in, in the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios Singapore and somewhere else.  There is the only place where you can buy a deluxe sized one, but they did have the fore-sight to make up a smaller Legion sized fellow for general release.  I grabbed it because I think it is cool.


Read on to find out why.



He comes packaged in robot mode, much like most of the legion class characters doe.  What I like about this guy is that he looks like a Cybertronian mode car with jets and doodads sticking out the front and back.  At the time, the game Fall of Cybertron was kicking about and this guy looks like a prime candidate for that game, he never shows in the game but it’s a cool vehicle nonetheless.


Annoyingly he comes with a generic legion class gummy weapon, it looks exactly like Bumblebee’s weapon.  It looks a bit large and derpy and I think I lost it somewhere too.


Legion EvacLegion EvacLegion Evac


Articulation is about what you would expect from a Legion figure.  Knees, hips and shoulders all using ball joints, except for the knees which are hinged.  I would have like an elbow joint as his arms look rather long.  Ambient sculpting is pretty good and there is a LOT of detail on the little guy.  Paint work can’t quite be held to the same standard though.  The Autobot symbol is nice and crisp, but he just has a big blob of white on his face, groin and some red on his arms.


I really like the look of the robot mode and he is fun to play with.  His knee does bend a little bit low, so it can look odd, but it does have a good range of motion.


Legion EvacLegion EvacLegion EvacLegion Evac


The face sculpt looks like it should be nice, but the wash on his face really does hide any details to see.  Rather sad really.  I love the chest shape and how it’s formed as it’s Classic Transformer car robot.


Transformation for Evac is fun, simple and quick.  Pretty much what the Legion size is all about really.


Legion EvacLegion EvacLegion EvacLegion Evac


MMMMMMmmm, look at that.  it’s muy beefy..  I love the large jet thing on the back, big exposed wheels at the back, the laser thing sticking out of the grill just looks so cool.  The feet stick of the top vehicle roof, but this is in line with the vehicle mode for the ride, as the black section is where people sit and there are chairs sticking up, so that kind of makes it cool.


Legion EvacLegion EvacLegion Evac


You can also pop him up on his rear rocket, like a rocket. Wooo!


Damn, I love this vehicle mode.  I found when I had it out for the shoot, I found myself driving it along stuff and using the jet booster to make the jump across impossible gaps.  It’s a very fun toy.


This is a great toy.  Quick to change, adequate robot mode and beasty looking vehicle mode all add up to a lot of fun.  I think the only people who wouldn’t like it are those who aren’t that fond of ‘future cars.’  I do think that everyone else will love it.  I do.  I think kids will too!

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