Friday 22 February 2013

Bot Shots Shockwave of the Jump Shot Variety

Old Shockwave here is part of the Bot Shots line, but in an interesting and exciting twist, Hasbro have mixed up the Bot Shots a little with different jumpy gimmicks!!


This is the ‘Jump Shot,’ which has the toy jump up in the air as it transforms.  The other two are ‘Spin shot’ and ‘Flip Shot.’  As yet to get one of those two.  Anyway, enjoy the piccies and video after the jump link.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Beware Evil doers! Gokai Silver has arrived!

Silver head

Oh Mr Silver.  Perhaps the most unpopular of the Gokaigers, he is definitely the most sparkly looking.  Showing up after about episode 15, Gai Ikari is an earthling that joins the Gokaigers later on as his super mode looks similar.  Despite him being an over-enthusiastic fan-boy, and therefore slightly annoying, he is a needed character in this series (This series being Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger), as he kind of explains the multitude of older Sentai members to the audience who might not know who the members of Battle Fever, or Sun Vulcan are (like me).  Thus he is a necessary evil.


While I ended up kind of liking him, I did think that all he would be was a Gokaiger with a different helmet.  However it appears that Silver’s design goes a fair bit further than just that.


Monday 18 February 2013

Fall of Cybertron: Brawl


Brawl from the Combaticons was always a favourite of mine.  Who doesn’t love a tank that becomes a leg with the turret off the knee?  I really liked the way he had the extra twin barrels that could plug into the back of the tank.  Nice.


Brawl was in the War For Cybertron game and you got to play as him a couple of times.  I actually quite liked him in WFC.  Onslaught was in there too, but only as an online character.  Brawl as you can probably tell by the name is not a smart fellow and known for strength and firepower.  This toy though based on his FOC appearance is almost the same as him in WFC.  Yay!


Saturday 16 February 2013

Ladies’ Night, Gokai Pink

Gokai Pink header

So after enjoying Gokai Red quite immensely, I have brought out the next sculpt of the Gokaigers that differs (aside from the helmet) and will go through the female build of the Gokaigers Figuarts figure.  There are only two femme fatales on the Gokaigers team, Pink and Yellow.  Both were online exclusives and both came with their Gokai Darins in the box as well.


Sadly now, being online exclusives, they are now the most expensive of the Gokaigers by quite a bit  Are they worth the effort? 

Thursday 14 February 2013

Fall of Cybertron: Blast-Off


Blast-Off from Fall of Cybertron was a character you didn’t get to play with.  He flew with you as you played as Vortex and was a super fast flying guy, who pretty much provided amusement and showed you the way.  Originally he was a space shuttle in the G1 series and got changed into a plane with massive bunch of jest and stuff.  Which makes sense considering his name and how Transformers probably don’t think space shuttles are all tha impressive.


He is needed to form Bruticus though and here I have him in his G2 colourings.  Let’s see how he is shall we?


Wednesday 13 February 2013

Let’s Go Gokaiger–Gokai Red!

Gokai red
Carrying on the Super Sentai theme I started.  Theme?  Addiction?  Whatever…(Tomato, tomaarrto) I have here a figure of the series that got me raring for some Power Rangery goodness.  It’s Gokai Red from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Pirate Squadron Stylish-jer).  Or Pirate Power Rangers.  It is made by Bandai and is from their SH Figuarts line of action figures. 

After seeing the first episode, I knew I had to hunt down a toy of Gokai Red.  I mean his real name is Captain Marvellous.  Seriously.  That’s what it is.  No other names in there, that would effectively mean his first name is “Captain”  and his surname is “Marvellous”.  I think I have found the name for my child.

I just couldn’t resist…

Monday 11 February 2013

Friday 8 February 2013

Kicking Back, With Kickback

Fall Of Cybertron kickback

From Fall Of Cybertron.


Mmmm, really getting my beasty on at the moment.  At a little toy meet I saw these new Fall of Cybertron characters up for grabs.  So being a mad nut for figures of game characters, I bought some.  Kickback was always on my list, he is my favourite of the Insecticons and the robot mode looks like a good representation of his game model and now I have him in all his six-legged glory!


  • Good copy of the game model.
  • Easily fits in with WFC/FOC, Prime and Classics/Universe figures.
  • Nice ‘update’ from the original.
  • AMAZING robot articulation.
  • Dynamic looking robot mode.
  • Comes with game-authentic Gear Shredder weapon.


  • Awful, awful insect mode.
  • Kibble-tastic minilegs off his back.
  • ?  That’s about it.
  • Over sized weapon.



Wednesday 6 February 2013

Black Rock Shooter Again????

BRS Anime
This time it’s classed as the ‘Anime’ version.  Well guess what?  Most Black Rock Shooters have been involved in anime somehow.  Sigh…  this one is based on the design from the short 8 episode anime, which has some cool fight scenes and doesn’t make much sense plot wise.  Typical Black Rock Shooter really.  Can I be bothered doing this again?

Monday 4 February 2013

Oh god, I Have to share this!

Oh man, look what I got in the mail today!  I have been so excited about this figure, I have been on an information blackout since his release until I have mine.

It is beautiful!


Masterpiece Soundwave.  And he certainly is!!

I'll get about to blogging about this guy in a while...  Now, to try and spend a bit of quality time getting to know him.

Hey there big fella, you look mighty nice....

Sunday 3 February 2013

Return of the Beasts, Lazerback


Lazerback, my first try of the new line of toys from Hasbro and the Transformers Prime line.  They have reinvigorated the line with beast modes and cleverly named it “Beast Hunters,” at the same time reviving the love for Predacons and yet kind of just messing about a bit.  It reminds very strongly of the Snake-men line that ran with He-man and the Masters Of the Universe on the 2000s a bit too much for some reason.  Especially since in regard to the Autobots and Decepticons, we are getting already released figures with a slight bit of retooling to make them look like they are from a Mad-Max movie…


I bought this guy mainly to see how the beast modes are, just to get a feel for them, plus I do quite like the look of the Beast mode and also make a sweeping judgement on how the ‘Beast Hunters’ line would hold up.  How does it compare to the regular Prime line?


Friday 1 February 2013

Chogokin Battle Fever Robo

Battle Fever Robo
I have been watching a fair bit of Kaizoku Sentai; Gokaiger lately.  In English that would roughly translate to Pirate Squadron Stylish-jer.  It is part of the long running “Super Sentai” (Super battles") series in Japan that got a sort of showing in English Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers chopped and applied parts of the Super Sentai to make it, but the general theme is the same.  Anyway, the Gokaiger series celebrates the past 35 years of the TV show and it got me interested in a couple of the series.  One in particular, which was the (eventual) third instalment of the Super Sentai legacy.

Battle Fever J.

This is a look and review I guess of the main mech of the show made by Bandai in their very snazzy Chogokin line of toys.