Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Beware Evil doers! Gokai Silver has arrived!

Silver head

Oh Mr Silver.  Perhaps the most unpopular of the Gokaigers, he is definitely the most sparkly looking.  Showing up after about episode 15, Gai Ikari is an earthling that joins the Gokaigers later on as his super mode looks similar.  Despite him being an over-enthusiastic fan-boy, and therefore slightly annoying, he is a needed character in this series (This series being Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger), as he kind of explains the multitude of older Sentai members to the audience who might not know who the members of Battle Fever, or Sun Vulcan are (like me).  Thus he is a necessary evil.


While I ended up kind of liking him, I did think that all he would be was a Gokaiger with a different helmet.  However it appears that Silver’s design goes a fair bit further than just that.



Sadly though, despite being named Silver, he lacks the sexy foil effect on his box that Red, Green and Blue all have.  It’s a shame as it would really make the box jump off the shelf at you and judging at how cheap he is, he obviously didn’t do that…



It ends up looking just a tad flat with the grey print ink.  Imagine if that was actually foil and reflecting back at you!


There is no Darin for Silver.  He had his own mech to pilot and it had a controller that had two small wheels, so I guess they didn’t want to go that far.  Fair enough I guess.  So the box is thin and he is encased in an enclosed bubble.




Once free, the figure is luckily more impressive than his packaging.



While watching the show, I picked up on his helmet being different to the others.  While the others have a Tricone hat style to their helmets, Silver here actually has a bandanna style.  Very clever.  Also the visor is similar to the following series, GoBusters.  But I didn’t notice anything else different.


However on inspection of this figure, I discovered a few extra.  Let’s slap him next to Gokai red.



So they are about the same height.  Which is good, can’t have him upstaging  Red.  The first difference I noticed was his boot and sleeve cuffs.  They aren’t as pointed as Red’s.  Then have a look at his chest, the golden markings are different.  Now have a looky at his collar, it is very 70s inspired as well.  Finally check out the back, near the collar it has different markings too.  Well I’ll be!  I didn’t expect that many differences!



What a pleasent surprise.


Now back to just Silver.


(no, not the Hedgehog…)


The paint is pretty good and I almost want to squint when looking at him sometimes…  But once again, it is let down slightly by the different plastics and paints.  The boots are incredibly silver, whereas they coat and arms are just a tad duller.




I really like his helmet, it looks like a bandanna is is well sculpted.  The anchor on his forehead is cleanly painted and breaks up the black well!




His visor is gold and reflect well, making it look like a cool pair of sun glasses.


Naturally he comes with a large selection of hands, as well as some new ones for his rather showy-pose.  He also comes with his Gokai Cellular (Not a Mobirates), Ranger Key, and Gokai Spear in a spear and gun configuration.  He only comes with the unflipped ranger key as his cellular works differently to the mobirates of the others.



His hands are designed to work with the items.  It looks like the hands for the phone are the same as the others, despite the change in shape.  The Ranger Key head looks like one with a tricorne hat as well.  to be honest, I couldn’t fault that as it is so small, you can’t really tell anyway.


His spear has a trident mode and it can also be changed into anchor mode, which he uses when powered up after he changes into “Gold mode,” confused yet?  Gold mode isn’t available here as he needs some different armour.  Maybe a later release?



The spear is pretty cool, easy to wield and has some nice details on it.  It also makes a nice change from the other Gokaiger’s weapons all being the same.



It’s easy to pull of very ‘Gai’ type poses, I love it!  The spear even has some gun details on the end.


The spear in gun mode resembles, well a toy rifle.



It’s not all that convincing as a gun and doesn’t match in well with the other piratey themed weapons.  I suppose if you took of the blades on the hilt, it could pass as a flintlock rifle.  Detail on the gun is pretty damn well done though and paint applications are crisp and sexy!


That covers almost all of his goodies.  Only one set of hands left.  His role-call hands I guess you could call them.


ゴーカイ シルバーーーー!



These hands also have another use.


Nyuk nyuk nyuk!





Ha ha ha!  funny funny funny.


So in the end, we have another quality figuart by Bandai.  Let down, only slightly though by the slight differences in silver between the plastics.  Oh and the box.  He fits well as an apprentice Gokaiger and the look and weapons make it easy to pull of stylish and Gokai Silverish poses.

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