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Ladies’ Night, Gokai Pink

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So after enjoying Gokai Red quite immensely, I have brought out the next sculpt of the Gokaigers that differs (aside from the helmet) and will go through the female build of the Gokaigers Figuarts figure.  There are only two femme fatales on the Gokaigers team, Pink and Yellow.  Both were online exclusives and both came with their Gokai Darins in the box as well.


Sadly now, being online exclusives, they are now the most expensive of the Gokaigers by quite a bit  Are they worth the effort? 


Yes and no.  Worth hunting down if you want the whole group and they are well articulated with the same gusto that the boys have.  But for some reason, despite (or perhaps because of) being exclusives, they seem to lack thee ‘bling’ of the other Gokaigers.


Gokai Pink (1)Gokai Pink (3)Gokai Pink (2)Gokai Pink (4)

It can almost be noticed on the box alone.  As you can see its fatter than the normal box, due to the fact the Darin is in there too.  Have a look at the sides and you can see that it is missing the foil embossing that Red has.  It also just has a flat pink ink on the front, whereas Red has a foil red over the name section.  This is fine when looking at the box by itself, but when comparing it to the others it is just a bit disappointing.




Sadly Silver is in the same situation.   Ironic since he is Silver…


This almost seems to carry on to the figure as well.  However, thinking about it now, that could be due to the colours themselves.  I know that Yellow is a hard colour to get right and I guess pink isn’t all that dynamic, but let’s push on.


Gokai Pink (5)

She comes with a two tiered casing.  One has the darin (assembled), and the other contains Pink and a whole slew of accessories.  I mean have a look at how many hands she comes with! 


Hooley dooley.  Pink has a special set of hands designed for use with her change pose as well.  And then some!  She comes with a bunch of weapons as well, a double pistol (her ‘signature weapon’ as far as the Gokaigers go), Mobirates, Gokai Sword, Gokai Gun, flipped and unflipped Ranger Key, cartridges for the gun/sword for her part in the Final Wave attack, a sword with a wire on it (For use with Yellow) and some extra dress parts for those leg spread poses, and sitting in her chair poses I found out later.


In a clever (or Bastard-like) move, Bandai gave her one of Yellow’s weapons.  Only Yellow would use the swords ala Kratos and whip them around, so if you want her to do that in pose, then you needed to get Pink as well.  Or two Yellows.


The female Gokaiger stands shorter than the male version, but both Yellow and Pink are the same height.


Gokai Pink (6)Gokai Pink (7)Gokai Pink (8)Gokai Pink (10)Gokai Pink (11)

They also have the same joints, which is a good thing.  Even the hips have the lengthening ability, and they are hidden as well.

The thing I still like about this line is that Pink still looks like someone in a suit, this time a lady which can be told by the squished bust.  No big boobies over here thanks, we like to be realistic.  After all these are athletic girls.  Her Helmet has the pirate hat motif and her helmet’s eye section is in the shape of a love heart.  A sort of on-going theme for the Pink Ranger in many Sentai series.  The costume is also the same style, with the large collar, boot and wrist cuffs, pirate insignia and golden markings.


The main issue I have with this figure is the colour.  Sure, the Pink is all well and good, it’s just that it seems a very matte pink and actually looks like plastic.  Whereas Red, Blue and Green seem to have such bright/well done colours that they don’t look entirely plastic.  Yellow suffers from this as well.  It’s a shame as they don’t fit in as well as they should when compared to the rest of the team, especially since they were the exclusives you’d think you’d get something a little bit better than normal, but sadly they just seem to lack some ‘pizzazz’ in the colour.  It;s a bit hard to describe really, but if you end up seeing them side by side, you can pick it fairly easily.  Again, I am not sure whether it’s from poorer choice in plastic, or perhaps pink plastic dye is hard to work with.


Gokai Pink (13)Gokai Pink (14)Gokai Pink (15)Gokai Pink (16)


Her normal skirt is made of a very soft plastic and of two parts that fold over nicely and have a split down the side.  This works well for all but the most ‘dynamic’ of poses.


Gokai Pink (12)

To get any more leg lift though, you will probably need to go with the other skirt.  Good thing is it’s easy enough to change.  Pop her apart at the waist, pull off the pieces, remember which is front and back and slap the other ones on.  Just remember the belt has probably come off.  Or if you want a Gokai Pink, leggings version, just leave the skirt off.


Normal SkirtsActions SkirtGokai Pink (17)Gokai Pink (18)

Gookai Pinku, Leggings MO-----DO!


Not too sure what I think of the action skirt to be honest.  It looks a bit silly normally.


Gokai Pink (21)Gokai Pink (22)

A few too many lines.  And running reveals gaps.


Gokai Pink (24)Gokai Pink (25)Gokai Pink (27)Gokai Pink (28)

But you can’t pull of high leg manoeuvres with the normal one on and this split one will be your skirt of choice for when she be driving her vehicle.


Gokai Pink (29)Gokai Pink (30)Gokai Pink (31)Gokai Pink (32)

Gokai Pink (52)Gokai Pink (53)

Now for her accessories.  Her hands are plentiful.


Gokai Pink (33)Gokai Pink (46)Gokai Pink (50)

As well as the usual suspects of fists, gun hands and swords hands of course.  That first set are designed for her double gun holding, but they look a bit creepy without the gun.


Speaking of guns…


Gokai Pink (34)Gokai Pink (35)Gokai Pink (36)Gokai Pink (44)

She has the two together as well as a single gun.  A normal sword and the one on the wire.  they all have the excellent detail as Gokai Red’s.  Mainly because I suspect they are the same.  The double gun isn’t able to change the cartridge as far as I have been able to assess.  Still all very nice accessories, even though she never used the “sword on a rope” trick.


The key is rather nicely done as well.  So is her Mobirates, and of course the key plugs in to the Mobirate.


Gokai Pink (37)Gokai Pink (38)Gokai Pink (41)Gokai Pink (42)Gokai Pink (43)Gokai Pink (40)


Her Darin (I kind of wish I knew if that was a ship term that has been changed by Japanese language or what) is different to Red’s.  It is a sit down model with a smaller wheel.  As it comes in the package they have assembled it already.  Once again, her Ranger Key can plug in to the wheel.


Gokai Pink (58)Gokai Pink (59)Gokai Pink (60)Gokai Pink (61)


This one has some nice old school looking pedals as well.  Detail on the whole is pretty nice.


Gokai Pink (62)Gokai Pink (63)Gokai Pink (64)Gokai Pink (65)

Once again the wheel spins freely.


Gokai Pink (66)Gokai Pink (67)Gokai Pink (68)Gokai Pink (69)


This is where I discovered her skirt that breaks into little pieces would work best. as you can’t get her to sit down properly on the chair with the default one on.



So all up, another quality figure with fantastic articulation, well designed in that it looks like a suit and they have done fairly well to compensate for the skirt.  I can only really fault it in the way the pink colour seems to lack the liveliness that the regular release Gokaigers have.  I guess that’s the best way to describe it.  All the others have a certain amount of richness to their suit’s colours, but Pink here seems to have lost out a bit.  A shame really.  But it is nice to have them all and if you are really keen on the Gokaigers, she is a must have (Naturally).  Plus the inclusion of the Darin means that it’s easy enough to get one Darin at the very least.

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