Monday, 4 February 2013

Oh god, I Have to share this!

Oh man, look what I got in the mail today!  I have been so excited about this figure, I have been on an information blackout since his release until I have mine.

It is beautiful!


Masterpiece Soundwave.  And he certainly is!!

I'll get about to blogging about this guy in a while...  Now, to try and spend a bit of quality time getting to know him.

Hey there big fella, you look mighty nice....

*edit* about half an hour later...

Ok I have had a little looksee and transform.

And check this shit out!

Earphone jack!  but doesn't quite fit in though

Storage for scanner accessory by his arse.

Aaw what a cute little Laserbeak!

Sexy inside details.

Laserbeak in cassette mode, inside and snug.  Soundwave can hold three Cassettetrons in there!

He looks very nice in cassette mode.  Mmm mmm mm!

That's my preliminary investigation.  despite having other posts done before, I don't think I can resist giving this guy some quality time...  Keep your eyes peeled.  :D


  1. 'tear in the eye' it looks so, so... Beautiful. how much did you spend on it?

    1. Erm, well don't tell the better half, but it ended up being about $150 or so, Australian. But very much worth it methinks. And plans for an American release too!

  2. yessh on the american release but ouch in the wallet. wait 150 in australia, maybe only 50 in USA lol that would be funny

  3. Ha ha ha! Yeah, that sounds about right. That price did include postage though, so probably $120 for figure alone.

  4. man i want this but i probably won't be able to afford it lol, man i need a job


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