Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Black Rock Shooter Again????

BRS Anime
This time it’s classed as the ‘Anime’ version.  Well guess what?  Most Black Rock Shooters have been involved in anime somehow.  Sigh…  this one is based on the design from the short 8 episode anime, which has some cool fight scenes and doesn’t make much sense plot wise.  Typical Black Rock Shooter really.  Can I be bothered doing this again?

Yes, yes I can.

Why?  I don’t know.  This version of BRS isn’t all that different to the other really.  In fact it is the closest to the first BRS.  A little too close for my liking to be honest.

BRS AnimeBRS Anime

Box.  Yep seen one of them before.  The biggest difference for this BRS is she comes with a hood accessory.

BRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS Anime
Interestingly she has different proportions.  It looks to me that her legs seem a little bit longer now, but I think it’s got more to do with the fat soles of her boots.  As the animation version, she lacks the scars that the others had.  Her skin is whiter and that contrasts well with the black of the coat.  The coat is rather cool, but less flowing and dynamic I think.  I found it initially hard to pose her in action.  She still has her bikini top but the jacket covers it rather well. 

One thing with mine is that jacket plastic feels a bit sticky.  Dust seems to love it.  Almost as if the paint hadn’t dried yet or the plastic is just weird. 

The main difference between this one and the others is a new coat, different hair style, no scars (probably easier to animate without that extra detail), new boots and possibly whiter skin.

Once again the face is nice and she comes with an extra one.  Thing that I don’t like though is the second face doesn’t really look all the different, or emotive either.

BRS AnimeBRS Anime

She comes with an extra fringe piece that has the flame and it is translucent and nice although mine doesn’t quite fit on the face all that well.

BRS Anime
She also has longer hair than she has had before.  It is attached via a hinged joint, and can be flicked around.  It also has a blue tint to it.

The body is nicely sculpted and I am not sure whether it’s juts the new shoes, but it feels to me that this is a lankier design to BRS.

BRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS Anime

As usual, nicely sculpted stomach.  The coat is nice and long, with very soft plastic at the hips, allowing the bottom of the coat (which is more stiff plastic joined by hinge joints) a variety of movement.  The requisite star on the back of the coat is larger.  Her bust is small but this time is covered by a more robust bikini top.  Huzzah!

The main ‘catch’ for this version of BRS was quite an exciting one for me.
BRS AnimeBRS Anime
Yup, she comes with an extra head option that simulates her wearing the hood.  I loved this look and it is rather cleverly done, the back of the hood is like the back of a head, the front a fringe and you change the face over.  It has a hinge at the bottom, but sadly it doesn’t allow for much movement as the plastic is a bit thick at the back of the neck.  As a result she is always looking down a bit. 

I guess this is good if you want emo/sinister BRS.

Still, I like the hood, maybe not as much as I first thought however.

Once again she has a Black rock Sword which is really nicely sculpted.  Her fingers and hands are rather thin so it can be a bit loose sometimes.

BRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS Anime

And of course she comes with her Black Rock Cannon.  Which is a new design as well.  It’s a bit shorter than usual but it still comes with a stand for its very own self.

BRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS Anime
The tripod things open up, but they don’t fold all the way back like they did in the anime.  It looks pretty cool nonetheless.  I do like that the inside of the barrel is painted.  At least with this design there is an esier way of attaching the hand.

You take off the cover, attach the hand and reattach the cover, then slap the hand on the arm.  Easy right?
BRS AnimeBRS Anime

I do like it, although posing was a bit tricky at first.  But I did get itor the swing of things pretty soon.  Oddly enough, once I took the hood off and put the normal head back on, I felt the posing options change.  I think because more movement became available to the head, it just opened up the pose ‘feeling.’
BRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS Anime
Much more dynamic with the hair!

After a while though, I found that the hood works well with the sword.

BRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS AnimeBRS Anime

So I see there is potential there

Finally I have a shot of all my BRSs next to each other.
L-R, Beast, Original, Anime and 2035 (game version).  Just missing one… Dammit.  It’ an expensive one too…

BRSgroup.BRS Group (3)BRS Group (4)

And so there we have it, yet another figma version of Black Rock Shooter.  Am I getting tired of them?  Possibly, I mean really the standard look is much the same, but I will admit that I can’t resist a girl with a big gun!

And they don’t get much bigger than Black Rock Shooter’s!

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