Monday 27 June 2016

UW 07 Blastoff :Combaticons review, Part 1

Yay, the wonderful courier man dropped off my Combaticons and they look lovely.  As a result, here is my review of Blastoff.
Sadly it might be a while before I do any others as Onslaught has a Dickie Knee in that it doesn't like bending, so I have to go through the rigmarole of returning and getting a replacement.

For now though, enjoy Blast Off!!

Sunday 12 June 2016

Revoltech Melona - Queen's Blade 005


So, long time since I’ve done a Queen’s Blade figure review.  Today I’ll be having a look at the Protean Assassin Melona.  It took me a while to work out what Melona was supposed to be, but it turns out the she is a “goo-girl” as they are sometimes referred too. That bubbles down to a slime character, or shape-shifter to you and me.

Having gone to the effort of getting most of the Revoltech QB figures, I eventually got Melona just to finish the set.  I wasn’t that huge of a fan of her design, but the creepy character kind of grew on me and in a way, she is kind of the Deadpool of the QB universe, taking on shapes that are unlikely to exist in the QB world.  She’s also probably the most evil of the bad guys trio, well, the most devoted to the Swamp Witch at the very least.    So the design of the character is interesting, how well does she translate into an action figure?

Saturday 4 June 2016

Figuarts Captain America Civil War


Man I love Captain America.  He’s just so over the top, and a bit of an arse kicker in the Marvel Vs series from Capcom.  I never read the comics, so the games are where I got my Capt mojo from.  As a result his somewhat silly comic costume was my favourite.  When the Marvel/Disney movies came along, I was sceptical about the costume.  How to reduce the cartoon look to make it look cool, but still have it retain the essence of the character?


Well, for whatever reason, I ordered the Civil War version of Captain America which seems to have quite muted colours.  I really did want a Figuarts Cap though, so here we are.  How is he?