Wednesday 31 August 2011

Tony Hawk T-shirt Doubletake!

Ok I was in the local shops having a look and I saw this T-shirt on a dummy (a plastic one that is) and I had a double take situation.

At first I thought it was a Sonic the Hedgehog themed t-shirt based on one of the characters from Sonic Riders who looks like a hawk.

Turns out it’s actually a Tony Hawk T-shirt.  Hmmmm, seems the designers might have used the Sonic Team log as an inspiration for this.

There is also the Sonic & Knuckles game that uses this type of logo as well.


Hmmm, Not very original really.  I do like it if it is a homage, but I wouldn’t buy it personally.

Sunday 28 August 2011

A good day, continued!

After meeting my pal and collecting little Miku, I headed home.  On the train I was thinking about how relaxed and undistracted I was.  Interesting I thought as I contemplated life in today’s society.


Having a good day!!

Met a pal nice and early and picked up some goodies!!



Booyah!  A Nendoroid Hatsune Miku of the support variety ( a fund raising thing done by Good Smile Company for the Japanese Earthquake).  Review coming soon.


And a lovely Jubbley G1 Headmaster Brainstorm, complete with Arcana. Wooooo!  NOICE Indeedy!!

Thursday 25 August 2011

Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos and Maron = Macaron

I have a dodgy weakness for the girls of Queen’s Blade.  Last year a PSP game was released with a figma of the main character Cute.  This year a sequel of sorts was released.  Queen’s Gate, which is an offshoot of Queen’s Blade that involves characters from various series gathered together in the Queen’s Blade lands. 

I got my hands on the special edition of the game which came with a figma figure of Maron = Macaron, a bag, and a card holder thing.  The last game came with an art book, which was a nice addition, but this one doesn’t.  Oh well.  Lets have a look shall we?

Sunday 21 August 2011

Master Piece Rodimus Prime? Hot Rod thanks!


You could be mistaken thinking that I have covered this figure before.  Well I did in a way.  I covered the Japanese release of Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy a while back.  Hasbro had plans then to drop the trailer from that and release it for America/ the rest of the world as well.  How does it compare?

Saturday 20 August 2011

Coffee Adventures 20 August 2011

Hmm, so I see my local icecream spot near work is busting out coffee for $2.50


I am intrigued.


Things are looking good.  the $2.50 is for the smallest size, so I went a size up for $3.00.  That compares to about the same from my usual price from my popular work spot.


Things look good.  I got a bonus mini-cookie! 









Usual order of a Flat White.  Hey if they can’t get that right, then it’s not worth bothering with the rest hey?


Lack of froth on the top, although that isn’t a main feature of the old FW, it is nice to have.  Still, as the coffee thing for these guys is new, a bit of practice should aid in the creation of appropriate amounts of froth.



In fact the lack of froth was the only negative to this coffee.  It was hot (which can be a rarity in Perth, so sad really) and tasted pretty good.  The cup was filled up to the top, none of this half filling the take-away cups business.  The coffee tasted quite nice as well.


I see good things for the future of Wendys coffee.  Only real concern is that since it is an Ice cream place, the hot/cold conflict with coffee could see it short lived.  Most people I talked to about getting coffee from them today were hesitant due to the ice cream nature of Wendys.


I think just a bit more practice in the art of the coffee making will bode well.  Hey, if I can froth milk for a flat white, anybody can do it, it just takes a bit of practice.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Of Human behaviour and… Soup

Ok, I can understand people’s need to make life easy with the age of technology, but sometimes I just scratch my head and think “What the hell is wrong with people??”


Monday 8 August 2011

What in the world could this be?

Aside from a large box.

Twenty Three skiddoo!


Holy Crap! This is amazing!  A few months ago, I picked up some extra EarthWorm Jim action figures and it got me all nostalgic for the cartoon again.  Sadly there was no release for it. Anywhere. In the world.


After a quick bit of activity, I had a copy *wink wink* but the quality was really really bad and since I prefer official stuff anyway, I was a bit saddened to see there was no proper release.



Until Now!



Just a couple of months ago, I discovered that it FINALLY got a proper DVD release.  AND it wasn’t released in America first!  Where?  Why humble little Australia by Madman entertainment!




Add to that awesomeness, the fact that it’s a complete set!  Normally dvds in Asutrali come out in Volumes (of three episodes)  and then they don’t release the last 2 or three volumes so you can’t finish the set.  Not the case here!




That’s a BIIIIG thumbs up from me for madman!

Friday 5 August 2011

Thundercats Hoooooooe! Actually, Noooo…


Awesome! New Thundercats cartoon on the TV.  A quick DL later and I am watching.  Not too bad I think to myself.


I remember back to the San Diego Comic Con.  They had an exclusive Lion-O which looked pretty cool and articulated.  Wonder what the toys for the new cartoon are like…


A quick google later and I am on Big Bad toystore’s site having a look.  Oooo, general release 1980’s Lion-O, that’s convenient since I didn’t watch the cartoon, but liked the character design, I want one of them for less than the SDCC version.  Even some of the characters from the new show look cool.  Hello Cheetara, wink wink!


But alas, BBTS have a disclaimer saying that Bandai has told them these toys are for America only and any o/s orders will be cancelled.  I trotted off to another site, they had the same thing!  WHAT THE HELL?


So I did some more googling and found that generally Funtastic distribute Bandai’s goods in Australia.  No Thundercats on their website though, so I emailed asking what the go was and they replied saying they don’t necessarily do ALL of Bandai’s toys (which is fair enough) and that TC wasn’t on their list!  


Booo! That sucks.  I now have little idea as to who is likely to do TC for Australia.


How am I gonna get my hands on these buggers then?  Even though I was willing to assess the Australian situation, I didn’t want to pay our stupidly ridiculously high prices for what they will probably come out as.  Still, I guess eBay would be cheaper than local retail anyway.


Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, NOOOOOOO!( T ) for Australia!


Might email US Bandai and see how that goes hey? All this effort for one (maybe two) classic figures…

A Dangerous Precedent, Aya Shameimaru…

Ok, I got a statue.  It isn’t an action figure… It’s a statue. I have plainly refused to bother with statues, stemming from my Transformer collecting, after all, if it doesn’t transform, it isn’t a Transformer and on that same note if it doesn’t move then it isn’t a toy.  However I saw this one of Aya from the Touhou Project series and it kind of grew on me.

And so I have my first statue from Kotobukiya.  Hopefully not the first of many.

In the mail today…

A little selection I am really pleased showed up!

It’s figma Kuroneko and the Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos game for the PSP.  One I have been looking forward to recieving as I have the first game and it’s pretty damn fun!  Plus it comes with the “Magical Patisserie Maron=Macaron!” figma figure!  A character created for the game, much like Cute from the first game!


Pics will be scheduled for shooting this weekend methinks!!   XD

Wednesday 3 August 2011

The Stunticon’s director: Wildrider

Wildrider, the last of the Stunticons to be typed up for my blog.  I never quite dug Wildrider when he was kicking it with his G1 fellows.  Not too sure why.  I should really as I did end up with him somehow and his personality, like his name, is completely crazy, much like my favourite Battlecharger Runamuck (who is part of next years TFCC figures!!).  They would probably go together quite nicely really.  Hmmm.

Stunticon’s Femme fatale; Dragstrip

Dragstrip here uses the Animated Arcee body.  Concerns were first raised that the ‘drag’ on Dragstrip may well relate to dressing in drag.  Luckily, despite the OTCC’s fascination with trying to be  ‘clever,’  they made Dragstrip a girl Transformer.  Well as much as robots with no sex can be…

Breakdown of the Stunticons.

Oh, Breakdown.  Probably my favourite Stunticon of the lot.  I picked the G1 version of this guy up from somewhere when I was younger and since his G1 mode was a a Lamborghini style car I really liked it more than the others.  So it’s appropriate that the same body that was used for Animated Sideswipe (whose G1 form was also a Lamborghini) is used for Breakdown.