Wednesday 3 August 2011

Stunticon’s Femme fatale; Dragstrip

Dragstrip here uses the Animated Arcee body.  Concerns were first raised that the ‘drag’ on Dragstrip may well relate to dressing in drag.  Luckily, despite the OTCC’s fascination with trying to be  ‘clever,’  they made Dragstrip a girl Transformer.  Well as much as robots with no sex can be…

I went over the Arcee body here.

It is quite a good mould and even though the face is very very Arcee looking, a bit of colour work and the figure becomes a good representation of Dragstrip, although a new take.  Dragstrip used to be a crazy guy.  Now he is a dare-devil girl.


As you can see, the main colour is yellow with a maroon stripe along the body.  The vehicle mode is a good rendition of the original, which was a 6 wheeled dragster with the same colour motif.  What I really like though is the pop-culture reference for this one, Dragstip’s robot colours look a lot like ‘The Bride’ from Quentin Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill (which in itself was based on the tracksuit worn by Bruce Lee in ‘The Game of Death’). 

Articulation is good and she comes with her two blades that Arcee also has which fit nicely into the back of the car, or her shoulder bits for storage.  She even has some extra yellow paint on the back of her fore-arms as well.


Her spoiler/wings come off and mine come off a little too easily for my liking, but they can be put on upside down if you so desire for robot mode.

More posing fighty pics!


The head looks really cool too.  they kept the light piping, and it is still really easy to get going and looks really effective!


Her paint job on the chest with Stunticon logo is nice and sharp too.

She has another one on the behind, or skirt maybe?  I also like how they painted the edges of her shoes too.


Vehicle mode is exactly the same as Arcee.  nice paint job, not blemishes on mine.


I also like the way this mould has the little black bits at the front of the bonnet, they look a bit like her fingers are there, but the bonnet is actually her legs!

And the last one that I took the old 3D photos with the DS .

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