Sunday 28 August 2011

A good day, continued!

After meeting my pal and collecting little Miku, I headed home.  On the train I was thinking about how relaxed and undistracted I was.  Interesting I thought as I contemplated life in today’s society.



I had time to ‘myself.’  I sat there and thought of not much, listening to MP3s and it was very relaxing.  The other day when at home, I had a half hour to kill until I needed to head off to work and not doing anything made me think of that I could do.  Play the Ps3, play my DS, turn on the TV, read the paper or go onto the internet.


I didn’t really want to do any of that and I am quite content to do nothing at times, just at home there are so many distractions that the thought of just sitting at the table and enjoying the quiet time nothing, which happens very rarely now only struck me as the last option.  Which I opted to do, although I didn’t enjoy it that much, as I was thinking of playing the PS3.  I found this fascination.  It’s like I am so used to having something fill my time that the thought of not doing something at any time of the day seemed strange.  yet I often crave a bit of down time without any distractions so that I can jut sit on the couch and chill out.


Anyway I digress.


On the walk from the station to my house, an emergency call from work which required a quick trip and fix up, was followed by some weeding in the garden shortly after.  Beautiful day, so I wasn’t bothered at all.  After the weeding, I decided lunch would be better enjoyed on the local oval.


A picnic of sorts ensues…….




Some football going on on the other oval.




Damn smokers.  Right next to us as well, it smells bad and is ugly with those cigarrete butts.  I don’t mind people smoking, but just be aware that others may not like the smell and at the very least dispose of your rubbish properly!!!!!




A dodgy shot of a plane flying by and looks at that sky!


Off for an after lunch walk and being spring, some flowers are blooming all over the place.  Even those these are all from people’s front yards, they are still quite beautiful.


IMG_8084 - CopyIMG_8081 - CopyIMG_8082 - CopyIMG_8083 - Copy




Some nice blooming plum trees.


At the end of the walk, off home, a cup of tea and some playing of War For Cybertron!  Then off to work later on.  Oh well.

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