Tuesday 9 August 2011

Of Human behaviour and… Soup

Ok, I can understand people’s need to make life easy with the age of technology, but sometimes I just scratch my head and think “What the hell is wrong with people??”



While out shopping, look what I found.




I mean, seriously.  A soup maker?!?!??  At $169??????  After having a  look at it, I was even more confused.  It doesn’t add ingredients itself or much else.  All it does is warm the inside and stir.


I mean come on people, I have a soup maker at home,


It’s called a frikkin’





Just get yourself a spoon and you don’t have to fork out 169 bucks, which isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination!


Unbelievable.  Sometimes I wonder if Humans really are the most intelligent species on the planet.

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