Wednesday 3 August 2011

Breakdown of the Stunticons.

Oh, Breakdown.  Probably my favourite Stunticon of the lot.  I picked the G1 version of this guy up from somewhere when I was younger and since his G1 mode was a a Lamborghini style car I really liked it more than the others.  So it’s appropriate that the same body that was used for Animated Sideswipe (whose G1 form was also a Lamborghini) is used for Breakdown.


The Botcon guys managed to get some pretty good colours matched up for this guy.  The matte off-white they applied actually looks really good.  I remember seeing the first pictures when they announced him and I was concerned the white would be too much, but it looks fine.  Even the plain blue on the side I think manages to work.

The head has a rather cool sculpt to it with a bit more colour when compared to  Sideswipe and he has painted teeth.  I am surprised to see that I can see the top and bottom row.
Breakdown on the left, Sideswipe on the right.  I love it that just a bit of paint can make such a difference!!


The chest insignia can be flipped around to reveal the engine for robot mode if you so desire, but G1 Breakdown didn’t have an exposed engine, so this guy shouldn’t either really.


When I first opened the set, I disliked the prevalence of the blue.  I know the G1 one had a lot of blue, but it didn’t seem so obvious.  Now I have to say after looking at it for a while, I quite like it.  He comes with Rodimus’ energon bow as well.

The vehicle mode is good too.  Sadly though it suffers the same issue I had with Sideswipe, in that the engine if folded away stops the feet from sitting flush in the bumper which is a shame as G1 Breakdown’s engine was under the hood.  However, in the comic with the Stunticon’s debut he is drawn with the engine showing, so that means I don’t have to worry about it.  Rather interestingly he has flames coming out of the exhaust as well.  Hidden offensive abilities?  Woo! Stealth Force!!

This is the way I would like him to look, for the 80’s authentic feel, but the front doesn’t match up well.


Vehicle mode comparison with Sideswipe

As I have said about 5 times on my blog, after photographing this mould so many times (lessee, Rodimus, Rodimus Prime, SOC Rodimus, Black Rodimus, Sideswipe and now Breakdown.  Almost as many as the Seeker jets…), I like the mould, it is a well articulated, solidly built figure with a cool vehicle mode.
Oddly, Breakdown seems to have the most firmly attached shoulders of them all.  Ironic really, especially considering his name…

The colours are good and it’s a fitting homage to the G1 Stunticon of Breakdown.  Altogether, this has been a fairly well thought out set so far!!

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