Friday 5 August 2011

Thundercats Hoooooooe! Actually, Noooo…


Awesome! New Thundercats cartoon on the TV.  A quick DL later and I am watching.  Not too bad I think to myself.


I remember back to the San Diego Comic Con.  They had an exclusive Lion-O which looked pretty cool and articulated.  Wonder what the toys for the new cartoon are like…


A quick google later and I am on Big Bad toystore’s site having a look.  Oooo, general release 1980’s Lion-O, that’s convenient since I didn’t watch the cartoon, but liked the character design, I want one of them for less than the SDCC version.  Even some of the characters from the new show look cool.  Hello Cheetara, wink wink!


But alas, BBTS have a disclaimer saying that Bandai has told them these toys are for America only and any o/s orders will be cancelled.  I trotted off to another site, they had the same thing!  WHAT THE HELL?


So I did some more googling and found that generally Funtastic distribute Bandai’s goods in Australia.  No Thundercats on their website though, so I emailed asking what the go was and they replied saying they don’t necessarily do ALL of Bandai’s toys (which is fair enough) and that TC wasn’t on their list!  


Booo! That sucks.  I now have little idea as to who is likely to do TC for Australia.


How am I gonna get my hands on these buggers then?  Even though I was willing to assess the Australian situation, I didn’t want to pay our stupidly ridiculously high prices for what they will probably come out as.  Still, I guess eBay would be cheaper than local retail anyway.


Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, NOOOOOOO!( T ) for Australia!


Might email US Bandai and see how that goes hey? All this effort for one (maybe two) classic figures…

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