Saturday 20 August 2011

Coffee Adventures 20 August 2011

Hmm, so I see my local icecream spot near work is busting out coffee for $2.50


I am intrigued.


Things are looking good.  the $2.50 is for the smallest size, so I went a size up for $3.00.  That compares to about the same from my usual price from my popular work spot.


Things look good.  I got a bonus mini-cookie! 









Usual order of a Flat White.  Hey if they can’t get that right, then it’s not worth bothering with the rest hey?


Lack of froth on the top, although that isn’t a main feature of the old FW, it is nice to have.  Still, as the coffee thing for these guys is new, a bit of practice should aid in the creation of appropriate amounts of froth.



In fact the lack of froth was the only negative to this coffee.  It was hot (which can be a rarity in Perth, so sad really) and tasted pretty good.  The cup was filled up to the top, none of this half filling the take-away cups business.  The coffee tasted quite nice as well.


I see good things for the future of Wendys coffee.  Only real concern is that since it is an Ice cream place, the hot/cold conflict with coffee could see it short lived.  Most people I talked to about getting coffee from them today were hesitant due to the ice cream nature of Wendys.


I think just a bit more practice in the art of the coffee making will bode well.  Hey, if I can froth milk for a flat white, anybody can do it, it just takes a bit of practice.

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