Saturday 30 July 2011

The Stunticon’s Deadend.

Deadend, the depressed member of the Stunticons.  I always liked this guy and I still like this incarnation of him as well.  A clever recolour of the Animated Jazz body, he looks like he has a new head, but it is just a clever bit of painting!!

I think the Jazz body is a great figure.  He comes with nun-chucks which are stored on his forearms and become part of the vehicle exhaust and they are hidden well in both modes.  the robot mode has some great articulation on it and the vehicle mode is retro-future looking, with some cool fins on the rear.


The paint is a good representation of the original.  Mine has nice clean applications and the plastic colour is pretty damn close to the G1 toy.  The grey bodyis reminscent of the small amount of metal on his chest.

his head is most impressive.  Even though it is a straight re-colour of Jazz, the addition of a bit of facial hair has managed to make it look much more sinister.  I love it, a goatee and a fairly smart looking moustache!


His chest sports the Stunticon version of the Decepticon symbol and the lights are the proper colour to match the colour of his body.


The nun-chucks still have the little piece of string between them.  His Bio states that he ahs some grenade launches somewhere.  There is some good paint on the exhaust ports as well. 


I think I have the panels of the arms around the wrong way.  I can’t remember to be honest…


He has light piping in his eyes, but can be tricky to get going. The large panel behind his head blocks light and the purple plastic that’s there for his eyes doesn’t conduct too well.  Still the colour is good and looks fine as it is.


All the joints he has allows lots of movement and despite his heel spurs being a part of the main car mode, you can get a lot of action out if this guy.

Vehicle mode!!

I love this vehicle mode. It is very classic 50’s with a future twist all in Animated stylings.


I love the covers over the top of the lights and the placement of yellow paint to break up the mass of the purple.  Most of the panels fit together well, although the bonnet of mine doesn’t sit quite flush as far as I can tell.  Perhaps I have something in the wrong place.  More play will find this out.


As you can see the robot compacts nicely into the underside of the car.

I really like this figure, the base toy (Jazz) is a bit of a ripper to start and the colours and paint work make it look a lot like Deadend from G1.  The facial paint only adds to the extra character and falls in place with the looks and feel from the Animated series.  Deadend is definitely one of my favourite figures from this year's set!!

Again, some 3D photos for use on the 3DS.

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