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The Motormaster. Leader of the Stunticons!


The Motormaster here is based on the wrestler Randy Savage apparently.  He comes with his instructions and a g1 style tech spec card.  He is a recolour of Animated Optimus Prime and sports a new paint job and newly sculpted head.  He is the only Voyager sized figure from the set.  Appropriate considering how he is the leader after all.

G1 Motormaster was a black truck that was a rivla to Optimus, but had his trailer as a part of his body.  I guess he was the first of the ‘Nemesis Prime’ style characters (RID Black Convoy/Scourge would fall into this category as well.)

The Motormaster has his trailer seperate (as it becomes his weapon) but the colours are anout the same.  It iss actually a good combination and the black plastic is matched to any paints.  The black is a really nice black as well.  When I first heard of the Motormaster, I thought there would be trouble with the black, but it has come out really well.

He has purple legs and much the same paint as Optimus.  Highlights on his belt, feet and the shoulder has that odd square which has been coloured.  The biggest difference would be his head.  It is loosely based on the G1 character model for the Sunbow cartoon, where they had it really square and blocky. 

He has been given a huge handlebar moustache and a definite scowl, a big chin and angry eyes.  I am not sure if this is the same for all of them, but mine has some dots on the chin, which to me hints at stubble.  Check that second picture closely and you will see what I mean.

The side and back of his head are influenced by the G1 Toy trailer.  Purple lines on the side and the sculpted details on the top and back make it look very trailer box like as well.

The only real downer to the head shape is that it connects with the hinge for the truck mode lights, therefore pushing them out from their clipped position a little bit.  As far as I could tell, it didn’t do any damage and didn’t really effect the look from the back, but I guess it could cause his axe to pop off if you were unlucky.

This figure is still suffering from the annoying ‘gravity transformation’ that Toxitron suffers, so he ends up with a loose waist in robot mode.  He is also stuck with that damn fan/axe and water pistol doo-hicky as his weapons.


Paint applications are all crisp and clean.


The axe can still be stuck on his back and the paint work on the blades of it are pretty cool.  the gun is the same as Prime and Toxitron, just in black and purple instead.


Vehicle mode is just the same truck as Optimus and toxitron as well.  Naturally.  The Motormaster’s big square head manages to fit quite snugly into the space which I was quite surprised about.  You can choose to leave the axe off or put it on for two types of truck.

Again the colours looks good together and it is a good homage to G1 Motormaster.


Overall this is a pretty good job.  Although when first announced, I thought that Wreck-Gar would make a better body for Motormaster (having the trailer attached), I think they have done a good pretty good job using Optimus Prime’s mould for this guy.  It’s a bit more appropriate to the story and links in with Toxitron as well.  The Stunticon Decep symbol adds a little more richness to the Animated universe, after all the Autobots have the Elite Guard, why can’t the Deceps have little sub-goups as well.  now I just hope that more Animated goodness manages to come from the positive efforts of these figures.  I am led to believe that this Botcon set was the fastest ever to sell out.  I mean like within a few days or so.  That’s quite something really. 

In the joy of embracing new technology, I have come across a Nintendo 3DS and since I had it nearby when doing some of the pictures, I decided to take some 3D shots of some of the Stunticons.  Now since one probably can’t view them without either a 3D screen or a 3DS, I have uploaded them to  Here.  You will need to load the .MPO files onto your 3DS SD card  in the DCIM/100NIN03 file and then view them using the 3DS in 3D mode.  Sadly though, the 3DS camera is really poor quality.

Linly link is here.

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